Love this new site and guess what they are featuring me & BMG!!!

January 23, 2009
Check this site out Shop Flick. In a month or so.. you will see me on it with my DJ NielleeKat(associate designer) and Miss Ami Ankin(our model for the segment and up and coming actress/producer)! This site promotes talent. It will be showcasing Boy Meets Girl(R) and my inspirations. I am so in love with the owners of this site already. It is giving a voice to us designers/store owners/etc. and letting us tell you all about what inspires us. They are going to be filming in my studio so you all will get to see how it all works. I look forward to seeing you all soon.
xx Dj Daisy Deesh


  1. Your company is one I've actually heard of and you seem to be growing more popular with every post. Good luck

  2. Thanks Sacha. I am glad you have heard of Boy Meets Girl(R). Check out the website to see collection updates and press updates. Also I have FB and Myspace
    page you can see more information on as well. Keep believing in your dreams!!

  3. aw thank you so much honey :)