What a feeling....sing it out loud!!

May 15, 2009

The 80's theme song ...what a feeling is playing over and over in my head. Over the past month I have been on jury duty from 2-5 . I go to work in the morning and leaving work almost every night at 11pm. This month seems like a blur. But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Today I had about 10 different meetings back to back starting at 9:30am. My meetings consisted of sales/design/production/budget/partner meetings/budget/sales structure and the end of the day Bloomingdales outwear buyer meeting! And as I keep singing "what a feeling" over and over again.. I remember why I keep moving as I have a passion for fashion and all my hard work will pay off.
My buyer today turned to me at the end of our meeting and said...you know who you remind me of(and i was thinking what actress is she going to tell me) and she proceeded to say you remind me of when KATE SPADE started to grow her business. I was like what did you just say..and she said Kate Spade..you totally remind me of her. My face I believe got red in the face and I said THANK YOU from the BOTTOM of my heart. She said you have an incredible brand and should be so proud of yourself. So thank you all.. My husband(my best friend), my family, my best friends and my fans and buyers who believe in me and my DJ's(aka my employees).
Remember this as you are pursuing your dreams to know that
"you always pass failure on the way to success"-Mickey Rooney
Dj Daisy Deesh