Easy, Breezy Romper Girl 5/28/10

May 28, 2010
I am so excited for a nice long weekend away from the city. It will be a good change of pace for me, plus packing for trips is always fun because it means I get to try out my new purchases. ;)

Today, I share with you a couple of tips to planning your holiday weekend in style:

1. I try to pack lightly whenever possible. Space is always at a premium, whether its in the trunk of your rental car or in the overhead bins. So find a staple item from your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to reuse it over the course of the weekend. Of course, it should be a comfortable, breathable piece that is easy to mix and match accessories with. I chose the summeriest (its a word, check Webster’s..) romper in my closet. In general, I love jumpers and rompers because you just hop right in and out of them and you don’t have to think twice about it. This particular jumper/romper was from a gift from my sister, Kathy, from Urban Outfitters (Ecote Summer Culotte Romper). The fit is absolutely perfect; it doesn't pull around my bum like some rompers can.

2. For those of you who may have a daytime BBQ, sunset cocktail party, a swanky dinner or a yummy Sunday brunch (or if you’re lucky and your stomach can handle it, all of the above) to attend this weekend, check out my calendar of style below for how to dress for each occasion.

Check out this piece I designed

Enjoy and have a memorable Memorial Day weekend.
P.S. - Stay tuned next week, when I’ll show you more
pictures of my looks from my weekend getaway!

Stop for a minute and help those less fortunate 5/27/10

May 27, 2010
The fashion industry can be quite chaotic to say the least, and its very easy to get wrapped up in the who, what and where. Who do you know at this party? What event am I missing by being here? Where is the pigs-in-the-blanket guy when you need him? It can be a lot to think about. :)

All joking aside, I am blessed that I can do what I love for a paycheck every single day. I know that not everyone is as fortunate and that there are people out there with real problems that need solving. I first met Patricia Velasquez a couple of years ago at a dinner with our mutual friend,
Tara Smith. We got to talking and, before I knew it, she agreed to serve as celebrity host for the YSC’s “In Living Pink” gala in 2009.

She was so enthusiastic to help and jumped right in without hesitation. On Thursday June 3rd, I will be returning the favor, attending the Wayuu Taya Foundation’s annual fundraiser to be held at Urban Zen to support Patricia’s amazing charity.

The Wayuu Taya Foundation is a non-profit organization organized to help improve the lives of Latin American indigenous people while maintaining and respecting their tradition, culture and beliefs. This year the foundation expanded its work to Haiti with the creation of the Help Haiti Hope initiative.

Please support this amazing charity by purchasing tickets here.
You can also visit their Facebook page for more information here.
Finally, follow Patricia on her twitter at @Wayuuprincess and the foundation at @Wayuutaya.

Secrets Secrets Are No Fun…

May 24, 2010

Did you ever have a secret that you’ve been carrying around with you like a heavy Balenciaga bag and all you want to do is spill the contents out before it gets any heavier? Well, I’ve been trekking this bag of secrets around the city for a while now and I’m excited to finally be able to share with all of you the good news!

I have been asked to be the Brand Ambassador and Style Editor for Envite.com, an amazing new flash-sale website. You’ve probably noticed my involvement with Envite on my blog here and my recent posts on 5/11/10 and 5/13/10

Envite.com is an “Envitation only” flash-sale website offering a plethora of high-end designer fashion at deeply discount prices… and you’re “envited”! Register at Envite.com and use my VIP code: Stacy1

Below, you’ll find a picture and link to Envite.com’s first VIP sale for Christian Louboutin starting this WEDNESDAY(05/26)! Sign up fast and feel free to spread the love -- this secret is meant to be heard.

In addition to all the sales, please check out my Envite.com blog where I will be writing features, interviewing the fashion/style community, promoting guest editor contributions, and conducting giveaways, promotions and other surprises.

The end of the Birthday Extravaganza...Brunch & Accessories :)

May 23, 2010
Every step of the week from the 19th to the 23rd has been dreamy. Today topped off my birthday extravaganza with Sunday Brunch on little west 12th street @Paradou. Dj Blue Steel & Miss Deb picked an amazing spot that I had never been to. THANK YOU!
An amazing surprise indeed. And the SUN shined all day. NO rain for this sun goddess.
Thank you all who came out today for sunday Kier Royales, Bellinis, Mimosas & yummy brunch. Have to say Paradou is another find in NYC that I will be going back to for sure.
The photo above captures the crew & their amazing accessories. An engangement ring(yea deb!), vintage ring passed down from Lance's grandfather, my new amazing pearl/crystal bracelet(the chunky bracelet is me. thanks ladies again), Jill's turquoise necklace, Ali's skull ring&bracelet,
Mickey's new rockin sunglasses, Leonard's rock n' roll iphone cover, Dj blue steel's tie look, Courtney's amazing Jimmy Choo purse(grt to run into you on round #2 at the sh :)) & last but not least the amazing DESERT. I am in heaven. I am full and complete and feel so lucky and to have the love of all of you. THANK YOU. To the end of my b-day until next year. xo, me

Birthday Extravaganza & of course SHOES part II

May 21, 2010

Last night I attended the In Living Pink event on my Birthday night with Dj Blue Steel, My Sis & Brother- in- law. I had an amazing evening in support of the young survival coalition for breast cancer. Thank you Marissa Miller for dedicating your time and support and everyone involved.
Please learn more about the Young Survival Coalition for breast cancer here http://www.youngsurvival.org/. This organization is very dear to me and important for you all to learn about. The past 2 years I have been the Co-chair of this event but this year I took a year off. I was however part of the committee and sponsored the night with the famous Boy Meets Girl gift bags :)

To the right is a mini-collage of the amazing evening. In preparation for the night.
1)yes I did get a haircut. you like? Have to say new to me but i think its refreshing :) Thank you Shine!
2)I had to get myself a cookie from the famous Levain Bakery. OMG a birthday treat indeed. BEST COOKIES EVER.

3)I got Cracked for the first time by Dr. James Corregano. He is an amazing Chriropractor. If you are looking to be cracked and aligned check him out or email him at
jcorregano@gmail.com. I am serious it was incredible.

3)I rocked my Birthday SHOES!!! My exclusive VIP Christian Louboutin's from Envite.com (you saw these in an earlier post. Site launches on May 26th and this VIP sale goes live then. Use Stacy1 in the VIP section to gain access. Shoes are going to go fast at these amazing prices.)
I have broken them in and I can officially or officially rocked them from 7pm to 4am :) And they are dancing shoes too:)

5)what I wore
Dress: Vintage Gucci
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Jewelry: an assortment of amazing pieces as seen below
Earrings: Thank you Mom for my B-day earrings worked perfect and thank you mon#2 for bday earrings for this weekend.
Rings: AshabyADM (obssessed wear almost everyday), other ring blown glass from Venice & happy ring on far left corner from my sis for last night :)
Bracelets: Leaf vintage and cuff clasped piece passed to me from my Nana Rose.

Thank you again for all your amazing birthday wishes and this extravaganza does not stop hear. More to come :) xo, Stacy

Birthday Extravaganza and of course SHOES!!!

May 20, 2010

Yesterday I had a great work day with Dj NielleKat. We walked downtown in and out of the rain. I actually had a hot chocolate and we caught up on the essence of the design market and what it means to build a great brand. I promised Dj NielleKat we would finally do DJ lessons together and that plan is in effect for end of the month or mid-june (but stay tuned for some amazing coverage inside the future DJ lessons at Scratch DJ Academy). Yesterday was the day before my birthday. I got a few minutes to look around and shop Soho and found myself a pair of Birthday SHOES(by Kelsi Dagger) at Atrium. I have to say I was quite impressed by this store. I did not expect to see the amazing brands I found there. I remembered this store not being so high end but the store has completely changed and the brands they are carrying are beautiful. It is a must see if you have not checked out.
After my yummy purchase. I met up with my BFF's the amazing Ami Ankin(actress/producer) & the amazing Deb Ruffalo(best acupuncturist in NYC). Ami's movie the Living Wake (see picture below)

has been showing here in NYC and next week in Los Angeles. The ladies took me out for happy hour drinks to welcome in my b-day and gave me an incredible b-day present from my ladies(Jules, Mandy,Jamie , Ami & Deb). Bracelet picture to come soon(will be featured in an accessory post).
I feel so lucky to have the love and support around me. Thank you!
Thank you to everyone for all your bday wishes and facebook posts and tweets and calls and text messages and bb messages. Seriously I am so grateful for you all.

Until tomorrow when you get to see all the updates from the continued Birthday Extravaganza!
Hope to see you all tonight at the IN LIVING PINK Event.
p.s. thank you DJ Blue Steel for everything

What is OLD is NEW again!

May 18, 2010
I am not sure if everyone knows that I created DEESH in 2001(google an oldie but goodie) a brand that I then changed the name to Boy Meets Girl® in ’07. DEESH is my nickname. I could not pronounce Stacy growing up so all my cousins and close friends and family call me DEESH. Thus, my DJ name DJ Daisy Deesh. I created the logo Boy Meets Girl® under Deesh and the logo became more noticeable then the name Deesh. Reason for name change.
But, today’s feature is not on DEESH or Boy Meets Girl® it is on what is old is new again. This past weekend I cleaned out all my design research papers and tears and found this. LONG skirt trends from 2000!

I have to give a shout out to my dear friend and the fabu Stylist Miss Ali Lang who rocks long dresses & skirts all the time. You are so on!

I have these tears from my research in 2000 when I was designing for Eli Tahari and starting my own line in my home. Guess what LONG skirts and Dresses are back in. I love this picture of the long skirt worn with kicks.

So of course I had to emulate this trend. I wore this outfit this past month and forgot to post it. It must have been for a reason.

top: gap
skirt: maxstudio vintage
belt: from Italy present from my awesome mother in law
headband: In God We trust
shoes: converse sneakers
camera: canon

So to all you getting ready to rock the summer make sure to get some long skirts and dresses to fit in!
Ode to 2000 & 2010!
Also you will find some great long skirts and dresses to rock this style on Envite.com. Make sure to use Stacy1 to gain VIP access. Site coming soon!

Welcome to an evening behind the scenes

May 14, 2010
Last night I was one of the three hosts for the re-launch of Debonairmag.com, the highly anticipated online retailer Envite.com and premiere of the dark comedy, The Living Wake. Eddie Hertzman and Esther Silber(my other 2 hosts) joined me at The Gates for this night of fashion, film and shopping. I wore a vintage wrap dress and of course rocked my Christian Louboutin pumps (from Envite.com) mixing vintage & high fashion. I was surprised by how many compliments I got on my black lace home-made gloves. I have many DIY tips that I’ll share with you all on a later post ;) It felt great to craft up some Igel gloves.

I’m sure many of you agree that it’s a great feeling when you see a project finally come together that you’ve been working hard on. I had a fabulous team working on this event, and from the looks of it (see the pictures below :)) everyone enjoyed themselves and the party was a great success!

To only success for all involved.
DJ shout outs to: co-hosts Eddie & Esther, the lovely Ami Ankin(producer of The Living Wake), The Envite crew, The Gates, Dj Michelle, DJ NielleKat, Nick, DJ blue steel, Deb(best acupuncturist in NYC), Nicole Bonilla(she rocked my makeup last night. star makeup artist), Lauren & Vito, Mickey, Aramis and everyone who came out to support Debonairmag.com, Envite.com and The Living Wake.

xo & TGIF

Please join me on Saturday 3pm for the Living Wake Premiere I am hosting in NYC with DebonairMag.com & Envite.com

May 13, 2010

Can't wait for MonAmi's Production & The SupaStar Producer, Ami Ankin's Movie Premiere & Congrats On Distribution Of "The Living Wake", Co-Starring Jesse Eisenberg
->MUST SEE!! Join me May 15 @3pm :)

I am hosting the May 15th show of the Living Wake in NYC. You must all come. Saturday 3pm. Join me :)
Purchase Tickets ASAP here(limited seats and going fast)
Cinema Village
22 East 12th street NY NY 10003

working hard on build all new sites

Thank you once again Dani for working hard on getting the new site up and running.
We are still in work with the site but for now you can keep checking in here
I am getting a kick out of the new home page name "the nest" (dani came up with that one) I couldn't resist on the Igel has landed for my press/events/chairty/collaboration sections. Stay tuned...

Giveaway! From one of my favorite bloggers Liz(LateAfternoon)


Shoes Shoes Shoes :) 051110

May 11, 2010
There is a special bond between a woman and their shoes that is not meant to be broken. Ask most females, and they will tell you that one of their must have necessities is a sharp pair of stilettos or a cork wedged sandal. I have to admit, I am placed in the category of “shoe lover” so you can imagine my excitement when I organized a photo shoot that displayed Christian Louboutins with some of my favorite entrepreneurial girlfriends. I put together this shoot for a new amazing flash sale website called Envite.com, which offers 55-80% off designer items. And you might be wondering, do Christian Louboutins fall under this website? Why yes they do hence why the photo shoot was all about fabulous women in these fabulous designer shoes. We had the photo shoot at the Cooper Square Hotel which is where I had my launch party last year for my collaboration with the Cooper and their mini-bars. Everything from the built-in bookcase to the chrome table tops screamed chic and modern and was perfect for the shoot. This photo shoot was unlike any I’ve planned before because it happened, well, in a matter of one week. After many emails, schedules and phone calls later, I finally got the models together(thankfully 2 of my ladies were in town). What was so refreshing about this particular ‘shoes only’ photo shoot was the simple fact that some of my dear friends joined me as the leg models to show off these gorgeous Christian Louboutins. They consisted of Tara Smith; celebrity hair stylist, Ami Ankin; producer/actor, Zoe Bell; actor/celebrity stunt woman, Lindsey Calla; fashion blogger, Samara D’Auria; fashion director for L&S, and last but not least Sari Wynne; the amazing photographer. These ladies brought so much energy to the shoot and with everyone being so busy, it’s hard to find time to meet up, so it was nice to just hang out with these amazing ladies for the day. Check out the pictures below from behind the scenes at the hotel and video. And for you special fans whom I love dearly and would not be where I am today without you, log in today at Envite.com and use my special VIP code Stacy1 to gain access to the VIP section. This code is a limited time offer so sign up fast. The site is set to launch this week. Enjoy!

The beautiful CL’s all ready to go

Sari and her MALE assistant

Sari capturing the moments :)

Me and the ladies posing for Sari

NJ Housewives premiere at the Brownstone

May 5, 2010
When I arrived at the NJ Housewives premiere at the Brownstone in NJ, I almost felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in an unfamiliar yet exciting territory. I don’t get a chance to travel to NJ very often for events, but this premiere was not one to be missed! As a city girl, I didn’t know what to expect, but pulling up to the beautiful Brownstone home, I was instantly impressed. Everything from the delicious food to the decorated entrance, I was sure this was going to be a great night. I first met Teresa, Jaqueline and Caroline at my first Boy Meets Girl® fashion show this past September in NYC (you can check out our first meeting that was covered here). They came behind the scenes of the runway and I instantly fell in love with their bubbly personalities and they wear Boy Meets Girl®, even better :) Caroline and I become quick friends and she introduced me to her lovely daughter and my dear friend miss Lauren Manzo Lauren was part of the amazing makeup team(Nicole Bonilla & Susie Lynn) for the Boy Meets Girl ® Fall2010 photo shoot this past February at the amazing Mount Airy Casino). So when Lauren and Caroline asked me to be one of their VIP guests for the evening I was more then happy to come to NJ ;). Lauren & Caroline both looked stunning and so did the rest of the Jersey ladies! . And of course how could I forget Vito, Lauren’s man- he is such a great guy and welcomed me with a huge bear hug. Check out the pictures below of me, Lauren and some of the NJ Housewives.

Pictures by Amanda Joy Photography

Below I have brought in DJ Michelle(you can see her there with me and Teresa's husband Joe). This DJ is my amazing assistant who is there with me during the highs and lows. I bring DJ Michelle almost everywhere I go these days. My life is a crazy one and I am so grateful to have Michelle there with me to keep me as she says "Breathing". So today I give you DJ Michelle and her thoughts on our DJ experience. Thank you again Michelle for all that you do for me :)

Pictures by Richard Brill

Michelle’s entry: While I like to think I’m a true city girl (soon to be Brooklyn girl, fingers crossed!). I live only a short ride away from the Brownstone in Paterson and was very excited when I heard that we were invited to the NJ Housewives premiere. Of course I was happy to represent NJ and any event I go to with Stacy is guaranteed to be a great time. I must admit, all of the Real Housewives are my guilty pleasure when it comes to reality TV, but nothing beats the sassy NJ ladies who aren’t afraid to say what’s on their mind. My mother is full Italian, and with this comes a loud and sometimes over bearing (but of course loving) personality- so it's safe to say I felt right at home at the event ;) . It was exciting to have met them in person and they all looked so chic and fabulous. Seeing Lauren and Vito again was a pleasure as always and I am so excited for what’s to come this season- drama drama drama!

Also I have to give a shout out to John Mara and the Mara Family. What beautiful people. Below is a pic of me & John. It was a great meeting you all. As I told you my first Superbowl(actually only superbowl i have ever been too) was the Denver Broncos vs. the NY Giants. And I have pictures to prove I was cheering for the GIANTS and they WON. If my Bears don't play I am a secret Giants fan. Sorry Dj Blue Steel who is a BIG jets fan.

Pictures by Richard Brill


Stacy aka Dj Daisy Deesh