Happy Birthday Saucy Glossie!

June 29, 2010

Today is my good friend, Lindsey Calla's Birthday! She is the fashion blogger behind Saucy Glossie, one of my favorite blogs out there! I wanted to do a Q&A with Lindsey to help celebrate her Birthday :)

1. How would you describe your style in less than 5 words? Eclectic global style chameleon.

2. When you're not fashion blogging, what else is on your agenda? Lots of different things! I travel the country doing TV style segments.. I also do a bit of marketing and freelance market editor work...

3. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be and why? I am dying to meet Tom Ford to pick his uber creative brain and hear about all of his glamorous life experiences ... I also would love to spend time with Queen Rania of Jordan. She is just so sophisticated and a great role model.

4. What magazines are you reading right now? One of my fa
vorites is RUSSH from Australia.. I also love Vogue Nippon, British Vogue, and Instyle/People Stylewatch for great affordable shopping finds.


5. Where do you look for inspiration when styling for your blog? Lately I've been feeling inspired by travel and different cultures and cities around the world. I like to find pieces that look like they tell a story. I also peruse the web for unique editorials and take style notes from other bloggers and what they are doing. And sometimes I'm just inspired by comfort or what I feel like wearing that day. Some days are dress days, some are pants days...but everyday is always a platform heel day! :-) I like to switch it up and play around with clothes and take on different characters.



The Perfect APP for me :) Good friends in the know. Hamptons dinner suggestions!

June 27, 2010
Thank you to my peeps who helped with some great suggestions on Friday when I needed a last minute answer on where to go out for a fun dinner with one of my single ladies in town from Los Angeles while staying in Hampton Bays/South Hampton.
Thank you Ladies & Gent's(see below) for being my App :) I don't have an iphone or ipad (yet) so I thought this was a helpful app for my blackberry lifestyle :) And it WORKED!
Nothing better then reaching out to good friends in the know :)

In Hamptons for the first time this summer! What's hot? Where should we go for dinner?

Kristen Bohem
Ummmmm we're bbq people but Beacon or Tutto in sag are our faves!
(thanks Kristen cannot wait to BBQ with you later this summer and def. want to try the 2 above we decided to stay local)

Andrew Goldberg
I'm in newport this weekend... should hit Dune and Savannah's..
(thanks Andrew. We listened to you and were looking for a chill spot with a great atmosphere. And Savannah's was Amazing!!! Our waitress was the best waitress I have had in years. We had to save our energy for my good friend Lauren & Eric's wedding. But, this summer for sure will get to Dune)

Esther Inc.
Georgica!! Have dinner then it turns to dancing
(Esther looks like have to head to Georgica with you next time. Wanted to go sooo bad. But, we needed our dancing feet for the wedding. But, looking forward to trying Georgica heard it is fantastic)

Aramis Zitu Alexander
I know is serafina just opened in east, and next to us is Phillip Chow.
I'll be there tomorrow evening but east. LilyPond.
(Thanks Aramis. Promise to get out to see you soon!)

This weekend I headed out to the Hampton's for an amazing Wedding weekend in Montauk for my dear friend from high school miss Lauren Locke. The wedding was out of this world(yes I did just use that phrase which reminds me of an old tv show which was called Out of this World lol! Hmm next design inspiration?) More to come on Laur & Eric's wedding inspirations and Montauk highlights later this summer :)


Igel Eyes

June 24, 2010
Here are a few of my favorite picks from Envite.com's M by Missoni Sale starting at 12PM EST TODAY! Iconic design for a look divine!

1. This colorful number is the perfect piece for a weekend at the beach or just lounging around on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

2. This wrap dress is so versatile- I can dress it up with accessories and heels, or play it down with keds and a boho bag.

3. These floral pants are a must have on my list because of the youthful print and comfort factor.

Catching up with Maggie Fine!

June 22, 2010
Recently I got the chance to catch up with my good friend Maggie Fine and I am very excited to share with all of you what she's been up to these days! She is appearing in the new comedy on ABC called Scoundrels so make sure to check it out every Sunday night at 9/8 c (I am so proud of a hard working women! You deserve it Maggie. This is only the beginning!).
Here are some pictures of a photo shoot she did in New Mexico. She is wearing a custom made vintage Boy Meets Girl dress I designed for her while she was the producer for the musical Xanadu in 2008!

Mags loved catching up with you and look forward to many more summer evenings together.
Stay tuned for more to come :)

Igel Eyes

June 20, 2010
Check out the Brunello Cucinelli Women's Sale happening tomorrow 6/21 (12PM EST) on Envite.com and my picks of the week!

This collection is full of crisp neutral colors that I was immediately drawn to.

1)I chose the long suede dress because I love pockets on anything I wear and pockets are a great added detail especially on a dress. I can incorporate this piece into my summer and fall wardrobe and play it up or down with accessories.
2) I love a floppy sexy hat for all the summer festivities coming up and it is a great piece to pack when your traveling to a hot spot(accessories sale starts Wed 6/23). This trench will make you standout on those unexpected rainy summer days.
3) A big camel leather bag like this will make the most untidy person organized and chic. With extra pockets, I can store all of my items on the go and it’s big enough for my laptop or my future iPad.

I dedicate my blog today to my dear friend Kristen Martinez R.I.P. You INSPIRED us all. Thank you

June 17, 2010

At 12am last night thunder and rain came down in NYC. I woke up and knew the skies were crying for a reason. I found out early this morning that my dear friend Kristen Martinez had passed away yesterday.

So the rain was crying and so am I.

Kristen you are and will always be an incredible and beautiful friend, You touched so
many people's lives and are an inspiration to me and everyone.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. RIP, my brillant friend.

love you,

Fashion Icon and Inspiration Ali MacGraw

June 16, 2010

You will see more of Ali. I have posted her over the years and she always comes back to my life in one way or form. She is a Fashion Icon indeed!
Thanks Miss Maggie for saying you think I look like her. Compliment INDEED. More to come on Ali MacGraw. I am so EXCITED!

Until then...


p.s. shout out to Maggie. Crossing fingers for the audition today. I feel the positive energy!

Wedding Attire 101

June 15, 2010

I spent this past weekend in Philadelphia for a friend’s wedding. I was inspired by the diverse way people dressed for the wedding, so, of course, I had to blog about it for you all.
:) Men: Tuxedos: Tie or Bow tie?
I personally have this thing for men in ties. Plus, I can’t help but think of Tucker Carlson when I think of bow ties. DJ Blue Steel, however, is a classic kind of guy and he wanted to wear a bow tie. (Side note: Thanks for wearing the tie for me even though you didn’t want to, DJBS). We decided to make it interesting and see how many guests were rocking ties and how many were sporting bow ties. (Side Note #2: In case you were wondering, nobody was wearing a bolo.
Our unofficial calculation was about 50/50, with a margin of error of plus or minus 5 gin and tonics. So the debate raged on. I sought out a trusted opinion from my good and very fashionable friend, Mickey, who said, “Men like to feel like James Bond and the bow tie gives you a manly persona.” So, begrudgingly, I conceded a close victory to DJBS and his bow ties -- as long as they’re not polka dotted...
Women: Long or Short Dress?
When it comes to weddings, being comfortable is key. Between the dancing, mingling and being on your feet for hours, you need a dress that will take you all the way through what promises to be a long night. Long dresses are becoming a stylish summer trend and look chic and youthful with their fun and bright prints. If you want to dress on the safe side, short dresses are great for any occasion because they are ultra chic, lightweight and add the perfect hint of sexiness.