Friday Taurus Finds..ME

May 20, 2011
So today is my birthday(OMG)! Ahh I can't believe another year has flown by! SO much has happened and I am so grateful to be where I am today. For all you Taurus' out there, check out what our horoscope has to say about us ;)
Traditional Taurus traits:
Patient and reliable
Warmhearted and loving
Persistent and determined(oh yes that is ME!)
Placid and security loving

I always like to review my journal/blog from the year before so check out my post from a year ago on my birthday here and here. It is crazy what happens in a year. I lost my very good friend to breast cancer(and last night took part in the ILP event to keep her legacy going). I sold a portion of my business to an incredible company and  I continue to keep working 24/7doing what I love!

And last but not least I was sent an incredible present from the owners of SillyBandz. They just launched their new product line called RadRingz and yes that is me below so excited to show you them! These are brilliant! My mom used to manufacturer charm necklaces (she is/was an entrepreneur on top of being a physician assistant and developing her own product called the Back Machine..oh and she was a marathon runner and triathlete!..hmmm I wonder why I am so crazy lol! jk!). I am rocking my RadRingz and charm necklaces below ;) Thank you RadRingz for taking me back in time. You made this birthday girl a happy girl! xo Stacy

Thank you Mommy for making the most amazing charm necklaces back in the day. Love you!

Also Happy Birthday to the amazing DJ Taurus, Pete Kranik and Ramon Brea : ) cannot believe I met you all in this past year and we all have the same Birthday.  Have the best day! xo, Stacy


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