Tips of the Day! Entrepreneurial guidelines 2.0..

October 6, 2011
Entrepreneurial Guidelines 2.0

Me speaking at Fashion140 this year on "Humanizing a brand in the social media space" conquered my fear of speaking!
The Spice Girls promoted this best with their message of "Girl Power." 
Today women are shining so bright as they are changing the business world by leading it with a bang. One of these leaders I admire for her determination and changing the way people do things is Arianna Huffington. She is truly an inspiration.
Many women admit that their biggest mistake was not starting sooner - so why not start today! If you have a vision let it be heard. Here are some tips to being a successful woman entrepreneur.

- Embrace the “mother-like” qualities you have and focus on customer service, creating warm feelings and special relationships.
- Be passionate and vocal
- Take advantage of social media - growing my brand I have embraced many social media platforms. But, make sure they are right for you at the right time. There is a strategy behind everything I do(as I say their is meaning behind the madness). Clearly I love Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot, Polyvore and Tumblr but with all I have reason behind what I do with each platform.
- Women at any age can be entrepreneurs!I started my brand at a very young age.
- Always be working to get ahead! Sure its good to be getting by but why not be great?!

I would love to know your tips to success? Share them here!