Tip of the Day- the right classes to take for a successful future

November 30, 2011

One question I often get asked by students is..what are the best classes to take while still in school? Whether you want to be a designer, buyer, visual merchandiser, owner of a brand, etc. there are some basic steps in order to prepare for a future in the fashion industry :)

While I was at the University of Wisconsin I triple majored in Design/Merchandising/Business. I've always known I wanted to be a designer but I also knew that I couldn't just take sewing courses to get me on the right career path (lesson learned from Dj Norma my entrepreneurial smart mom...Yes I named her after one of my favorite designers Norma Kamali when I was 10 years old).

I learned the importance of business my freshman year when I took a small business entrepreneurship class and a great public speaking class. In the small business class we were put into teams and we focused on marketing and on the P&L of a golf club. It was not about fashion or fashion products but it was about a family business and how to analyze the profits and losses and the essential components that make it a "niche" business. It was a challenging project as we had to come up with different ways to market a family business- this specific business had a model but did not know how to incorporate a market for more members and was relying on existing members. I always had an "out of the box" brain but this put me to the test indeed.

As for my fear of public speaking, I think it started in high school. In college I was required to take this class for my business certificate. It was a great class to learn some helpful techniques to keep me from fainting ;) But I believe I finally conquered the fear as mentioned in an earlier post when I spoke for 2,000 people this year at Fashion140 you can see my past post here

Now it's time to take some notes!
1. Go outside of your comfort zone and take classes that challenge the other side of your brain. Even if you are a designer at heart, business classes are key.
2.Learn from your mistakes. Remember that mistakes are the key to success and trial and error gets you to the end result.
3. Extra cirricular activies are important! I was a photographer for the Badger Herald and worked in specialty stores throughout college on campus and in my summers. I also took guitar lessons and wish I still did (hope to again in 2012!)

4. Internships- It is so important to learn from the field of your interest. I believe in internships 100%. My senior year of college I spoke about how to obtain an internship to 300 students in my major. I wish I had those notes. But, what I remember saying to the classroom is that PERSISTENCE is key. I worked throughout my college years for incredible people industry leaders like; Elsa Klensch, Donna Karen and Zandra Rhodes. I am forever grateful for these experiences in broadcasting/production/runway/design/sales.

5. I made it a point to test out all areas of the industry as I was and still am so passionate about this incredible field. And each experience has applied to who I am today.

Feature in Instyle Magazine ...my NICHE business ...Boy Meets Girl!


Music Monday- Gotta love all those love songs!

November 28, 2011
Lately I've been listening to a lot of 'love' songs and those mushy romantic songs that remind you of the one you love.  Hmm maybe it is because I am sucker for Twilight movies ...yes I went opening weekend to see "Breaking Dawn" by myself. I asked Dj Blue Steel to join me but he laughed at me and all my other ladies and guy friends were booked. So I went to see it and watch the innocent love story by myself lol!

Today I dedicate my playlist (a mix of new and old songs) to all those love birds out there, enjoy!

Boy Meets Girl(R) Tights- perfect for date night! Shot by Marc Mez

05 love acoustic by matt white

Elton John Your Song (Live) 2008 by Elton John Live

01 Ray LaMontagne - You Are The Best Thing (Gossip In The Grain) by goldmanmill2

The Way You Look Tonight by Brendan K. Schatzki

What's your favorite love song? And did you see Breaking Dawn?


Q&A with Lucky Magazine's Fashion Market Assistant, Noelle Sciacca!

November 25, 2011
I am very excited about this week's Q&A Feature! Today I am showcasing the talented and stylish Noelle from Lucky Magazine! Lucky has always been an incredible magazine to work with. It was one of the first magazines to feature me in "one to watch" when I first launched my brand under the label Deesh (which always had the label Boy Meets Girl under it. My nickname is Deesh(aka Dj Daisy Deesh). The change over of officially naming my company Boy Meets Girl(R) which I had trademarked in 2004 came in 2006 to Boy Meets Girl by Deesh and then 2009 to Boy Meets Girl and bye bye to my nickname Deesh association. It was a branding decision that made the most sense and I am very happy about that. Can talk about that more another time :)) Now onto my feature today ;) Noelle.

Noelle and I  have been working together for a couple of years now and it is always such a great experience. I love Noelle's style and energy, so I thought you should all know about her too :) 

photographer: Josephine Schiele /Courtesy of Lucky Magazine

Learn more about Noelle below!

1) How would you style your favorite Boy Meets Girl(R) item?
The Voyage Hoodie would look great with a plaid mini skirt and printed blouse. I'd pair the look with heeled booties and of course tights since the temperature is dipping and my legs have already lost all signs of summer.

2) What causes and/or organizations do you support?
The Bowery Mission( http://www.bowery.org/) I've been blessed above and beyond and have a lot to be thankful for. It's so important to remember the people that find themselves in less fortunate circumstances, especially this time of year.

3) What is your favorite part of your job?
I really enjoy the people. By default the girls in my office have become a second family and we always find time to laugh in the middle of a stressful day. I'm also in constant communication with fashion publicists to request samples for photo shoots and view their new collections. Over the years some of them have become my closest friends.

4) What have you learned about the work force that you didn't know in college?
I learned that work experience, a positive attitude, and a drive to succeed are so much more important than the major you declare.

5) What is the hardest part of your job? Highlight one or all that apply!
Letter B!

a. lack of sleep
b. long hours/crammed schedule
c. find a good balance between personal life and work

6) Favorite all time movie quote?
"I may be a beginner at some things but I've got a black belt in shopping!" (Troop Beverly Hills)
I'm not sure if it's my favorite but the movie is a classic and full of good quotes.

7) Favorite thing to do in NYC/or city live in?
Besides shopping I really love going out to eat. Its probably because I cant cook but either way it's an adventure checking out new restaurants. In NYC I can try a new place for every meal every day and still not try them all.

8) If you could live out of the country where would you settle down?
That's easy, Rome! To make ends meet I'd scoop gelato and my husband would play the accordion. After work he'd pick me up on his vespa and take me to a piazza where we'd share a bottle of wine and nutella calzone.

9) What¹s your favorite..
-website? You mean www.luckymag.com isn't the only site?
-book? Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick- so inspirational!
-gadget? iPhone
-guilty pleasure? Banana bread cake with cream cheese frosting from Billy's Bakery. Have you tried it? You need to!
-midnight snack? Mediterranean flavored terra chips.

10) What¹s been your biggest splurge this season?
Working seasons ahead can mess with a girl. I've been so focused on Spring '12 that I haven't really done much fall shopping. I did buy a grey leopard print Rebecca Taylor skirt at Lucky Shops.

11) What¹s your biggest purchase steal?
I coupled a discount code with a gift certificate to get a pair of Sam Edelman moss green boots for only $50. I've worn them almost every day since!

12) Social Media: Do you have..
 @nono_noelle follow me!

photographer: Josephine Schiele /Courtesy of Lucky Magazine

Thank you so much Noelle for taking the time for this interview! And thank you Lucky Magazine and your amazing editors(past & present) for believing in me and my brand since its inception.



My Style Tips of the Day and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

November 24, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope all of you are relaxing, enjoying delicious food and spending some time away from work or school ;) it's so nice to get a break every once in awhile and spend some precious time with the ones you love (friends/family/dogs/cats/ :)))!

Today's Style Tips Video features the Boy Meets Girl(R) Fuzzy Babba Slipper & the Minky Bean Slipper!
So grab a pair and get relaxing!

Share with me here what you are Thankful for! I am very grateful for all of you.


The end of an era ....goodbye Droid ..goodbye blackberry..Hello Iphone4s

November 23, 2011
Ok so it happened. The change ...from 2 phones to 1 phone...i am in a giddy mood right now and cannot believe I turned in my 2 phones for 1 phone today. You can see how happy I am here playing with the new app #viddy.
More updates to come..until then. As I always say ...Change is good. Sometimes we are afraid of taking that step but when we do it is all worth it. So to all my Geek Chic friends out there...Boy Meets Iphone4s Girl ;) xo

Also if any of you have any idea on how to embedd and not make so big let me know.
cannot seem to find the settings on this on Viddy. xx

I Heart NYC

November 22, 2011
Living in the craziness of NYC, you sometimes forget the true beauty of this magnificent city. I recently discovered William Boistures's, “Metropolis”- the perfect reminder that where I live is one of the most beautiful cities(of course Chicago is too. I will never put you Chicago in the corner :). Boistures captured some of the most perfect creamsicle sunrises, in between shots (especially when he shot Chelsea Piers, the clouds reflecting on the buildings, and Washington Square Park) as well as the moments when the sky scraper light up. I found this clip to truly be eye candy- what did you think?

Check out his video here:

Metropolis - A New York City Timelapse from Will Boisture on Vimeo.

from http://new.ccrny.com/blog/2011/10/metropolis-timelapse-video-nyc/
What do you love about your city?

My Style Tips of the Day!

November 21, 2011
Happy Monday everyone! I know I usually do my video posts on Thursday's but this week is special because you get two videos :) Today's Style Tips video features the Boy Meets Girl(R) Three's a Charm Anklet Socks! Enjoy and make sure to watch the outtakes at the end ;) I can be a bit ridiculous sometimes..especially on camera hehe



Friday's Finds- On how to cook a quick meal for the Holidays!

November 18, 2011
Elana is my cousin via marriage who I've known for 10+ years and she used to intern for me in early 2000! She is such a sweetheart and started her company First Helpings which I fell in love with right away! Check out her bio below to learn more about her :)

My make shift apron ready for cooking and baking :) thanks Charlotte for this adorable gift!

Created by Elana Karp, a former Teach for America NY teacher and a Cordon Bleu trained chef, First Helpings combines her two passions: education and cooking. No matter what the occasion, Elana will come to your house with a basket full of ingredients and tools to teach you how to prepare a meal start to finish. Cooking the meal with your friends and family is just as fun as eating it!

Dj Blue Steele and I had the chance to take a cooking class with Elana and it was so much fun! For someone who is on the go 24/7 and working non-stop, this lesson was a great experience!

Check out Elana's quick and easy recipes below!

Friday Night Roast Chicken
Nothing says Friday night dinner like a roast chicken. It's the perfect comfort food, and so simple to make!

1 whole Chicken

1 onion

1 head of garlic

2 tbsp olive oil

1 lemon



salt and pepper

herbs de provence

-Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Start by rinsing the chicken in cold water and patting VERY dry with paper towels. It's really important to get the chicken super dry so that the seasoning stays on it and the skin gets nice and crispy. Once it's clean and dry, season in the inside with salt and pepper and stuff it with half an onion, one lemon, a few cloves of garlic, a sprig of rosemary, and a few sprigs of thyme. Rub the outside with olive oil, herbs de provence, salt, and pepper. Herbs de provence is a great herb blend that adds a nice balanced flavor to almost any dish. You can find it at any grocery store. Start by lying the chicken on its side in a pan. Roast for 25 minutes on one side, 25 minutes on the next side, and about 30 minutes with the breast up. Hold the chicken up and let the juices run out of the cavity; if juices are clear, the chicken is done. If they're still red, let it cook for another 10 minutes. Voila! Perfect roast chicken!

Root Vegetable Medley

This is a great recipe for the fall and winter. You can use any root vegetables you have around or see at the store. We used...

2 acorn squash

1/4 lb brussel sprouts, halved

1/4 lb small potatoes

1 head cauliflower

1 parsnip

1 tbsp olive oil

salt and pepper

-Cut the vegetables into even sized pieces. The size doesn't matter too much, it's just important that everything is about the same size so that it cooks evenly. The amazing thing about this recipe is that you can often find pre-chopped squash and other root vegetables at the grocery store. If you bought pre-cut ones, this recipe would involve pretty much no effort. Even with cutting them ourselves, it was a breeze!

-Toss the vegetables with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Roast at 425 for about 45 minutes, or until the vegetables are soft and the potatoes look nicely browned.

Mixed Greens with Lemon Vinagrette

-Pre-washed mixed greens are a great quick salad option. We cut up some cherry tomatoes for color and sweetness, and made a lemon vinagrette to go on top. Easy, healthy and very delicious!

2 bags mixed baby greens

1 box cherry tomatoes, halved

1 lemon

1 tbsp dijon mustard

1.5 tbsp olive oil

salt and pepper

-Prepare the lettuce and tomatoes in a serving bowl. In a small bowl juice one lemon and mix with mustard, salt, and pepper. Slowly whisk in olive oil. That's it! It's that easy to make a vinagrette! Drizzle over the salad right before serving.

You can also check out Elana here:
fb page - facebook.com/FirstHelpings
twitter - @firsthelpings

Enjoy the recipes and let me know if you try any of them out! Happy weekend :)


Tips to “keep warm” and "chic" as the weather gets cold!

November 16, 2011
Its that time of the year again when you need to start worrying about bundling up! I seriously cannot believe it is that time again.
This season is one that’s filled with layers upon layers and staying chic while keeping warm.

Here are some ways you can bundle up and stay stylish at the same time..

1. Socks with your boots is probably the quickest “keep warm” update. Another key winter item are your boots. Whether you’re rocking Uggs, Emu’s, Sorrell’s or a different boot and easy update to them is high socks. This Fall /Winter I am layering my Seychelles Prime Suspect boots with the Boy Meets Girl ® Three's a Charm 3-pack anklet socks (another great alternative are the Boy Meets Girl ® solid socks). You can also add patterned tights under socks for a funky look which I love to do!

2. Layers on Layers  is my absolute favorite way to “keep warm” in these chilly months. Pile on tights with skirts and socks, oxfords with sweaters, or tops and vests for easy layered looks. My favorite things to layer are Boy Meets Girl ® tees with sweaters, tights, skirts, boots, socks and a scarf!


3. Sweaters and knits! A fun activity to partake in in the winter season is thrift-ing. My favorite area to thrift in is Brooklyn & Madison Wisconsin (talk about cold!) because they have tons of re-sale and vintage stores. Grab a friend and make a day out of who can find the coolest, weirdest, and cheapest sweaters! Sweaters and knits are both great “keep warm” items and layer super well- try wearing an oxford under a big sweater to create a more preppy look.

4. Faux Fur is another quick “keep warm” fix. In the Boy Meets Girl ® Fall 2011 collection we used Faux Muffs which are a great add on to the sleeves of your coat or above your boots. Whether you’re rocking this trend in vest form, muff form, or on your ears with a hat or ear muff you’re bound to feel toasty.

5. Layer your necklaces under an infinity scarf. Instead of just wearing your scarf to keep you warm on your way to school/the office/errands etc make a circle scarf (or regular scarf) a part of your outfit. Layer some chain necklaces underneath and above your scarf to add detail and excitement to a staple “keep warm” piece.

Stella and Dot necklace

What are your favorite styles to stay warm this season? Share them here!

Boy Meets Girl(R) University launches first HIGH SCHOOL Contest today!

November 15, 2011
 I have been in full school mode and ever since I can remember I was creating collages to express myself and my inspirations. I still create them today when I'm designing a new collection or have an upcoming photo shoot. It is my way to express the vibe of anything I am creatively doing. It is my pleasure to announce my new program & contest on Boy Meets Girl(R) University featuring mood boards created by Agoura High School students!

I wanted to bring my brand to major campuses and classrooms throughout the country because I felt Boy Meets Girl® could be a positive influence for college and high- school girls. And we’re ready to put these ideas into action to bring you…
All event details can be found here and below:
Boy Meets Girl® University an educational new site affiliated with Boy Meets Girl® launches its first High School contest featuring mood boards created by Agoura High School students. At Boy Meets Girl®, we value creativity at all levels, and believe High School students have valuable insight into the ever-changing world of fashion. Using online mood board creations focused on themes created by Boy Meets Girl® specific to Agoura’s classroom, we allow students to have an outlet in this big industry for their ideas to be heard.

The three Themes assigned to the students include:

1) Causes Boy Meets Girl® supports and is actively in involved with
a) Young Survivor’s Coalition (link to http://www.youngsurvival.org/), which supports Breast Cancer Awareness
b) Bully Bust (link to Bullybust.org)
* Students can pick 1 cause or do both*
2) Retro California
3) Holiday

Students, peers, and outside community are encouraged to vote on the TOP 3 theme boards (you can see the boards here: http://boymeetsgirluniversity.com/contests/)
The contest will run from November 15th-Decemeber 10th.
The winners with the most votes will receive the following grand prizes:
$100 gift card to shop on Boy Meets Girl® (www.boymeetsgirlusa.com) and One-on-One Hour phone call me!

Agoura HS creating their mood boards!
and that's me giving a special shout out to my Alma-Mater University of Wisconsin. I know my University teachers would be proud. I am so excited to keep the education going. xo

I am so happy to give back to young talent and be able to do to this, it really means a lot to me. Make sure to Vote on your favorite mood/theme boards done by these incredible students. 1 vote per day. You will be blown away.


Music Monday- Powerful Pop Playlist!

November 14, 2011
Today I was in the mood for some powerful songs sung by some of the most powerful POP female artists! So get ready to move and groove this week with my playlist below featuring Beyonce, Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj :)

Boy Meets Girl(R) Coco Hoodie- dance and look good at the same time ;)

Beyonce 4 by robertinho05

We Found Love by Rihanna

Selena Gomez & The Scene - Love You Like A Love Song by Amedé Ofili

Nicki Minaj - Super Bass by yournastyface

Enjoy and have a great week!


Weekend shoutout to Sammi Hanratty 11/11/11!

November 11, 2011
I wanted to wish everyone a fun and relaxing weekend and give a shout out to my friend Sammi Hanratty and the release of her new movie today 11/11/11, The Greening of Whitney Brown!  Make sure to all go to the theaters and see it! And wishing you all a BIG 11/11/11 wish :)

I had such a great time catching up with Sammi and it's so amazing to see how far she has come as a young actress, very proud of her :) I consider Sammi a younger sister I never had. Watching in over these years is truly amazing. I see OSCARS in the future for sure.

Make sure to check out my show "Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel" which airs in mid-December and January on Lockerz.com for more about Sammi and her visit :)

 Past posts on Sammi check out my blogs here and here :)

Making a wish in the Boy Meets Girl(R) wish wall :) the day before Sammi's first NYC movie Premiere. I wonder what her wish was? I know what I wished for. xo

ps. Check out Sammi's adorable video here!


Q&A with Shantell Martin!

I am very excited about this week's feature! Today is 11/11/11 which is a really amazing. As if your like me I make wishes when the clock strikes 11:11 almost every day/night. And being that it is 11/11/11 I have a big wish for me and Shantell!  I met Shantell Martin about a year ago at the SohoHouse and she left a big impression on me. Her work is so inspirational and creative. I cannot wait to work with Shantell. We have been trying to join forces for the past year and I do believe you will see something from us in 2012.

Before you read further a point that I must point out that is the truth when I speak at engagements on the industry ... "One thing we were not taught at St Martins was the business side of art. Contacts, sales, negotiations stuff like that, which leads to a lot of artist being taken advantage. I’ve had to learn much of these kinds of skills as I’ve gone along."- Shantell


London-born, Brooklyn-based visual artist Shantell Martin has become one of the pioneers of a unique form of ambient, spontaneous, digital music-art interaction using light projection. Using live-painting and animation software, Martin projects on a surface, rapidly drawing and writing to the beat of live or recorded music, and using drawing software to repeat patterns, zoom in and out on the canvas, and make the illustrations spin and “dance.” When an audience member steps up to the projector, Martin incorporates them into the drawing so they become living, dancing art. Martin’s dazzling light projections have become wildly popular and she has performed live at festivals and venues in New York, St Petersburg, Tokyo, and Geneva. Recently, Martin performed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, was featured on an episode of the hit show Gossip Girl, and was profiled by CNN, which wrote that she “mesmerized crowds by using a tablet to draw real-time projection art that interacted with the audience in time with the music.”
Martin is a graduate of the prestigious Central St. Martins School of Art and also works as a freelance illustrator. She now leads interactive workshops on digital painting creativity around the world.

Now time for my favorite part! The Q&A :)

1) How would you style your favorite Boy Meets Girl(R) item?
Would love to see one of those comfy dark coloured Boy Meets Girl hoodie’s worn with some 3x1 jeans, a Brain Wood T-shirts and a pair of the limited edition adidas x Ransom kicks that I drew on. Simple, nice and casual.

2) What causes and/or organizations do you support?
Games for change http://www.gamesforchange.org/about/
Girl Spring http://www.girlspring.org/
Tom Tom Magazine http://tomtommag.com/

3) What is your favorite part of your job?
All of it. I basically get to draw, create and travel around the world.

4) What have you learned about the work force that you didn’t know in college?
Hmm what have I learned about the work force since collage, well I went to art school quite early on which is a completely different ball game. One thing we were not taught at St Martins was the business side of art. Contacts, sales, negotiations stuff like that, which leads to a lot of artist being taken advantage. I’ve had to learn much of these kinds of skills as I’ve gone along.

5) What is the hardest part of your job? Highlight one or all that apply!
Can I just half highlight?

a. lack of sleep

b. long hours/crammed schedule

c. find a good balance between personal life and work

6) Favorite all time movie quote?
Willy Wonka: Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous.

7) Favorite thing to do in NYC/or city live in?
When I’m back in the city I love just meeting up with friends and having a good walk around some of the quieter parts of town with cup of tea in hand.

8) If you could live out of the country where would you settle down?
Really cant think about settling down right now, but I would love to experience living in Paris and Berlin in the future.

9) What’s your favorite..

-website? Can’t say I have a favorite.. Been getting in to SoundCloud recently

-book? Monster (Japanese Manga Series)

-gadget? My VoiceLive Touch

-guilty pleasure? A nice big cup cake

-midnight snack? Tomato

10) What’s been your biggest splurge this season?
I'd Rather spend my money on pens and tech stuff these days... So my biggest splurge would have to be spending at least $250 on Staedtler permanent pens.

Thank you SO much Shantell for your inspirational work and spirit! And thank you for being part of my Friday Finds Feature.

Styling your Boy Meets Girl(R) Tights!

November 10, 2011
As you all know, I just love wearing tights! I have quite the collection, whether they are polka dots, hounds tooth, stripped, plaid, you name it I have it! Fun fact you might not know about me...I worked in the hosiery department in high school at Marshall Field's in Chicago. It was one of my favorite jobs. I sold so many tights at lunch time. The store was located in the heart of downtown Chicago and women would swoop in due to their rips/tears and would need new tights. I sold a lot of DKNY tights that summer :). Hmmm potential collaboration in the future would be fun right? Donna is one of my fashion icons.
And you could imagine my excitement when the first Boy Meets Girl(R) tights came out this past year..I have been wearing them nonstop. Literally.

Dressed up or more downtown, doesn't matter, they're perfect for every style! How do you wear your favorite tights?


Quote of the Day

November 8, 2011
"Pursue the life you set forth. The top has struggles but without a push or a nudge to keep you on your toes what would be life and what I call a Challenge. All challenges to me is the key to Success."   -#QUOTE Me ;)
Taken this summer on my droid on my dad's boat named "Free to Be"

Happy Tuesday everyone, hope you all are having a great and productive week!

Friday's Movie Finds featuring Johnny Depp!

November 4, 2011
Happy Friday everyone! Tomorrow I will be running a 5k race and in order to rest up, tonight I'm going to stay in and watch one of my favorite Johnny Depp movies :) Edward Scissorhands! I used to watch this movie all the time with my sister growing up- it's a classic. I will be running with my sister tomorrow!!!

Check out just how much I love Johnny Depp and Kate Moss hehe ;)

What's your favorite Johnny Depp movie? Would love to know!

Tip of the Day: Loving your body even when you no longer fit into those old jeans..

November 2, 2011
Have you ever had that moment where you go into your closet and do a closet cleaning and find your high school jeans that you used to rock all the time, but soon find out that they no longer fit anymore?

Well I just had one of those moments recently while cleaning my closet and realized a few things...
1)I am not in high school anymore (so make sure you consider that when cleaning your closets)
2)It is ok if my favorite high school jeans don't fit me anymore because it simply means time for a new pair :)!

The issue of body image is very important to me among other things and when I first started to design my own line,  I took this issue into account. Each piece I design I think about my most self conscious body part..MY HIPS and I make sure the designs of the Bottoms and even Tops take hips into consideration. I know it sounds crazy but when on a  basic tee shirt design at the hem, for example, if the "Merro" stitching is too tight and pulls at the hips, I won't accept this into my line. You would think that a basic v-neck t-shirt doesn't involve 5  fittings but for this hip conscious girl it does. And I have to say that is why my designs and fits are different then anyone else's line as this is something I touch on everyday.

Even though people say to me all the time "you have amazing hips...i want your hips," I am one of many with a body flaw issue. But, I am also now embarrassing my curvy hips and loving them more each day. I think we all have something we wish we had or had less of ;)

My mom and I during NYFW

Life is not perfect nor is there a "perfect body". We come in all shapes and sizes and we must all learn to embrace what we have- I teach myself that everyday. Do you have a body flaw you have always wanted to fix? Let me know? I might have a great Boy Meets Girl(R) design to remedy that!


Free to be Tuesday: Halloween Recap....MIdnight/2AM inspiration :)

November 1, 2011

Wow...what a weekend into a week already. When Dj Blue Steel said he wanted to be Schneider from "One Day at a Time"  I looked at him with a crazy face I tend to make and said really?! And then once I took myself back down memory lane and remembered this amazing show...I was IN. I hopped on the band wagon and decided to be Mackenzie Phillips from the show. I am a 70's girl at heart and took out my vintage stash of goodies and was in. Only extra piece I needed was my special wig which I cut and tried to duplicate her look from the show. I know my girl Tara Smith would have done a better job but I did my best :)  This Halloween was special in many ways... I love dressing up with Dj Blue Steel and we got to do it twice this year. Sunday night Dress Rehearsal and Monday night it was on! Photos below are from our night at Heidi Klum's extravagant Halloween Party that I love going too. This was I think my 4th Heidi Party. I have to say the outfits blew me AWAY. Check it out below. I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween. Let me know what you were. Send me pics or leave me a note. xo, Stacy

Black Swans everywhere but this was my fav of them all. Check out the SHOES. SICK!
Droid was not taking amazing photos at the Dream Hotel but check out these outfits
hmm my dream for next year ....feathers..butterfliesss .
Mustache. Yes this amazing boy dressed up as a  Moustache  ...BRILLANT

new friends

one of my favorite surprises of the night running into my friend Jamie
The Dream Hotel at Night. 

There were so many amazing highlights but those will all be in the press tomorrow. Enjoy!