Tip of the Day- DIY fingerless gloves

December 14, 2011
Happy Wednesday everyone! Recently I've been getting some compliments on my gloves that I love to wear to special events as seen below. And I thought it would be fun to show you how simple AND easy it is to create a pair of your own!

Me and my niece and nephew (morgan & max) at my NYFW show

Me with one of my fav models Nora at my NYFW show

1. Purchase a pair of pleather or leather gloves! The ones I picked up are half cheetah, half pleather from H&M and were 50% off :)

2. Measure one inch down from the point of the finger and make a mark with a pen on each finger.

3. Cut the portion above the mark off of each finger.

4. Add a fun pin or brooch to the top of the gloves for a more glamorous look!

Voila! You have yourself a new pair of fingerless gloves to rock many ways :)


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