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December 22, 2011
Thank you for participating in our all of our giveaways today!
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GIVEAWAY #1: Coolest thing you have ever DIY’d with?

PRIZE: Boy Meets Campus Candy Girl Andie tee

WINNER: Sarah Ann I made an earring holder out of an antique 5x7 picture frame and some cream linen, the frame is the type that stands up from a base at the bottom of the frame so there's nothing in the way on the back from easily taking earrings in and out. Works and looks great!

GIVEAWAY #2: Anyone every been to a plant or factory? What product was being made and what was the experience like?
PRIZE: Eco-friendly Boy Meets Girl® Tote
WINNER: Jamie Haynes-Enos At the Wonder Bread factory....The group walked out with more bread given to them than you would see at a grocery store!! There's something about fresh bread being baked!!

GIVEAWAY #3 What’s the earliest memory you have eating Smarties?

PRIZE: Boy Meets Girl® Striped Knee-High Socks

WINNER: Alyssa Downs When I was little every time I was sick my Grandpa would give me smarties and call them medicine. (They were pretty delicious medicine). He now has cancer and when hes not feeling well I give him medicine...(smarties)...and tell him it will make him feel better. It gives him a smile and a laugh and a good memory. (one of our PSU models)

GIVEAWAY #4: Caption Challenge: Who is Stacy calling on her Smartdazzled iPhone and what is she calling to tell them?
PRIZE: Boy Meets Girl
® Fuzzy Babba Slipper Socks

WINNER: Sharon Stevens Hudson She's calling Santa to say she's been good all year!

GIVEAWAY #5: What was your favorite moment from our Smarties® Visit in "Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel" Ep.3- Get Smartie? 

PRIZE: Boy Meets Girl® Silver Screen Undies

WINNER: Janice Lynds the smarties kaleidoscope

All winners please send you mailing addresses to:

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