My Tips: how to style an outfit for a live TV segment

July 23, 2012

putting the finishing touches on the jeans! I had to shorten them on the spot :))
I had such a fun time preparing for our New York Live Segment in May! I put together three outfits for host Lilliana Vazquez (who is just adorable). The segment was about metallic looks for the summer, so using these guidelines, I knew I had to put something together that would not only make a statement, but would get lots of viewers interested in what we were featuring! I learned a lot that day about LIVE television production and the different things that can happen on set! My show Behind the Seams(TM) with Stacy Igel was able to be edited so doing a live show is so much different.

Here are some tips about preparing for a live segment:

1. Always know the show's viewers! Do your research and find out who is watching. It could be your target audience so of course you want your brand to shine! 

2. Anything can happen! Always be prepared for a possible wardrobe malfunction, so have a spare item and/or a way to fix it! Carry double-sided tape, a scissor, and extra needle/thread.

3. Use items that are going to look amazing on your host. Lilliana has a petite figure so, I ordered these amazing Rock & Republic metallic pants on Lockerz which didn't overpower her. Pairing the pants with the neutral tone of this Boy Meets GirlⓇ Over Under top whcih is also available on Lockerz, gave her the perfect amount of edge and looked great on camera. 

4. Style the different looks ahead of time and take pictures of them with all the pieces!! See how the outfit looks as a whole but always be prepared for last-minute revisions when you put the items on your host!

My team and I loved working with Lilliana and the New York Live team. What type of segment would you like to see Boy Meets GirlⓇ in next!?


Check out the final segment below :)


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