Another Holiday Gift Guide...

December 10, 2017
While thinking about the title for this awesome Holiday Gift Guide I did feel you are probably reading a lot of them right now so here is another one to add to your running list. But, this one is filled with a lot of love and I do think you will want to grab these items right away for all the holidays coming up. Wishing you all a Happy Holiday season. I am praying for a lot of peace and love. We sure do need it right now. Also remember to keep smiling as it makes people wonder what you have been up too and everyone needs a little happiness around them. 

Shine John Lennon in your room (office, home, anywhere).

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
And no religion, too
Nothing to kill or die for
Living life in peace... You...
Imagine all the people

Never been more relevant than today!

Pocket-sized animal Totems to help keep you calm anytime, anywhere!
Totem Tamers was created when a mother witnessed her son begin to have anxiety attacks and reconnected with a friend who struggled with panic attacks. Through both their experiences, Daniel Mather and Julie Stampler joined forces to create a product to help anyone who struggles with anxiety. There are four pocket-sized totems: Owl, Bear, Shark and Bulldog. Each Totem Tamer is accompanied with a book that are beautifully illustrated and helps guide you through your anxiety.  

3.  Spero-Hope, LLC
Jamie, the creator of Spero-Hope is a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed at age 33. She developed her own line of personal hygiene products that are aluminum, paraben and chemical free. These deodorants and body butters smell great and do not pollute your body. Through her products she is raising awareness for breast cancer and a healthy, chemical-free lifestyle.

I featured Jolly Oak in 2013 here on the blog which is founded my Mandy Fayne and Kim Strauss. I am excited they are back with new packaging and my favorite new flavor "nutz 4 s'mores" in perfect packet sizes for this mompreneur on the go! Check out all the flavors and the healthy ingredients here and scoop these up for everyone in your life. 

This month I partnered with good friend and amazing mompreneur Pamela Pekerman (I featured Pamela on the blog in 2015 here). 15% of the proceeds from this full circle Boy Meets Girl tee go to the Vasculitis Foundation, an "international  organization for patients with vasculitis, their families, friends and the health care professionals who care for them." Pamela lost her father, Ilya Peckerman, to this type of vasculitis disease on December 18th, 2009. It has been her mission to raise awareness since his passing.

My recent coverage on the blog here announced the BOY MEETS GIRL BLACK LABEL collaboration with Veronica Webb and Sophie Elgort. I am so excited to twin with my Dylan Reid now with these limited edition TODDLER TEES! Thank you to these amazing press outlets for the recent coverage on this collab: ELLE, WWD, Daily Front ROW.

If you are a Kristen Wig fan and you remember her skit on SNL you will chuckle with me seeing Dylan Reid enjoying this headband as much as mommy.

 Have a Happy, Healthy and Safe Holiday season!

*Please note all opinions are my own*

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Also check out this cool new app called Hintd where you can curate lists and share with your family and friends.

Did 90's Fashion Ever Go Away?

November 20, 2017
I graduated from college in 1999 (you can now figure out my age. aahh :) ).
                                                                     91-95 (high school)
95-99 (college)

When I look back at the fashion of the 90's and what I wore I realize that what I wore then has really never gone away and my wardrobe has always included...
Slip Dresses
Oversized tees
Concert Tees ( i.e.; Nirvana & Pearl jam) 
Statement Tees
Crop Sweaters 
Metallic and Mesh

Photos above by Arthur Elgort

I am thrilled to announce my recent collaboration with 90's "Supermodel" Veronica Webb, photographed by Sophie Elgort. The Supermodel era of the 1990s was really a modern Golden Age of Fashion.  Personally, I was working for Elsa Klensch in the summer of 1998 and covered the runways with her, so I was able to watch the Supermodels own the runway up close and personally. Veronica Webb was the first black Supermodel with a major cosmetic deal.  Sophie Elgort was a young kid playing in her father Arthur Elgort’s studio during that time period. During the shoot shot at Arthur’s studio, we actually looked up old images of Veronica shot by Arthur. It was very nostalgic and cool.

This nostalgic BOY MEETS GIRL BLACK LABEL limited edition collection, has been exclusively released on today. Thank you to ELLE for this exclusive feature!

story x @stacyigel
model @veronicawebb
photos of Veronica Webb in BOY MEETS GIRL BLACK LABEL x @sophieelgort
creative director/stylist @stacyigel
hair x @andreawilson
makeup x @marc_cornwall sweats x @veronciawebb x boymeetsgirlusa
BOY MEETS GIRL shoot coordinators x Jonna &Kendall
Studio x Arthur Elgort Studio

Statement Tees

October 27, 2017
Recently I was interviewed for a piece in Allure magazine titled, "Can Wearing a Political T-shirt Create Social Change?" This has been a debate with a lot of people and I think it is important to think about this question. So do let me know in the comments below or on any of the social platforms  (twitter, facebook, instagram) you engage with me on what you feel. 

In the interview I said the following, 
“Contributing to causes that can help make a stand or help one in need gives me a sense of hope that others will follow and continue to show their support,” she says. Every month, Igel releases a limited-edition collection with 10-15 percent of the sales dedicated to organizations that “impact communities in need in a positive way.” Her most recent cropped sweatshirts, which read, “Women Crush Everyday,” support Planned Parenthood, while her oversized “F*ck Racism” tees give back to the ACLU.

“The fashion industry is an extremely fast-paced environment where it’s a constant race to catch up,” says Igel. “Dedicating myself to other passions of mine allows me to take a step back and see the big picture. It allows me to slow down for a second to breathe and think, how can I make a difference today?” - Stacy Igel for Allure Magazine

So clearly, I do believe STATEMENT TEES are important in our world today. I believe they have always served a greater purpose and if we can join a larger group of people together who feel the same way it creates a positive movement and also gives back to help the world. So I hope you join me in doing the same.

Photo credit: Getty Images

What I Wore:

Boy Meets Girl® has donated to causes since inception, with bullying at the forefront. A percentage of the proceeds of this top will be donated to the National School Climate Center's BullyBust. With all that is going on in the world - take the time to take a stand, and make people listen. We must all come together to make a difference. Be involved, be BOLD.

Tulle Skirt  (c/o of Stylist Ida)
Giuseppe Zanotti Design shoes c/o Boutique Kaarina K in Finland
Hair & Makeup Valerie at Caravan Stylist Studio

Photo credit: HRW photographer Melanie Einzig

In partnership with Human Rights WatchBoy Meets Girl® is introducing a t-shirt that brings awareness to "defending the rights of people worldwide." We are working together to make the statement that IMMIGRANTS ARE US. We are all equal, and we must stand up for one another, regardless of where we come from. Join the movement. 15% of the proceeds from this top will go to the Human Rights Watch. Order this tee by 10/23 to receive by 11/3 to wear on 11/8 to stand in solidarity with immigrants around the country. Take a stand! #BMGxHRW #ImmigrantsAreUs  

Illustration on the back of the t-shirt was created by the talented Molly Crabapple.

more event coverage of events that day can be seen here:


October 9, 2017
Over the course of building my brand Boy Meets Girl there have been many obstacles and road blocks, but with that I become a much stronger entrepreneur, leader, womenprenuer and mompreneur! Most recently I shared an Instagram post which sums up a lot of what my daily grind is about. To run a company you must be PERSISTENT and have PERSISTENCE. 

I have also been so fortunate on this road and would never change the path that got me here. These experiences inspire me everyday to keep moving and doing what I love when I wake up every morning. 

I am thrilled to share with you today's news about Boy Meets Girl x Macy's as seen today in WWD. Boy Meets Girl is officially at Macy's and will be at 28 of their store locations (including Herald Square in NYC and my home sweet home Chicago as well as many more I will share with you) and online here. As a part of this launch I joined forces with fellow womenprenuer and amazing photographer, Sophie Elgort to cast "real people" via an Instagram contest called "Real Stories." We asked the models who entered the contest to share what they strive for and what they dream about. Entries were sent via Instagram and four "real people" were cast, two dancers (@nyc0lee, & @official_nightwing_), a videographer/photographer @carekettu and up-and-coming model @essence_the_model. Essence also had a friend on set who is a singer (@roselledae) and I asked her to sing for us on set. I loved her voice and Sophie and I agreed her music would work perfectly into the video made by @carekettu (see below). THIS IS THEIR REAL STORIES. I am thrilled to share their stories and to be able to have worked with such an amazing crew. Thank you again to hair and makeup artist Valerie and Claudine of  @caravannyc for being part of this campaign. Thank you to my team on this shoot (Jonna and Kendall) for being so amazing and just as excited to launch this with me. Follow along as we release this campaign on several channels with these hashtags #boymeetsgirl x #macys #realstories #boymeetsgirlinmacys #macyslove #livetoinspire

Thank you to WWD for this beautiful write-up!


We Can Survive

September 26, 2017

If you have been following my blog and brand then you know our involvement with the Young Survival Coalition. After years of working with the YSC in various capacities it truly brings me great joy to share with you this exciting sweepstakes for a survivor and a friend to attend the We Can Survive concert on October 21st in Hollywood, California.

Here are the details from the Young Survival Coalition website:
The Young Survival Coalition is partnering with Boy Meets Girl® to send one young survivor and her guest to Hollywood, CA to attend "We Can Survive," a concert featuring an amazing lineup of performers including P!NK, Kesha, Lorde and more.  If you were diagnosed with breast cancer by age 40, enter now for your chance to win an amazing trip for two to California to attend the “We Can Survive” concert! One woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer will receive two (2) tickets to the We Can Survive concert, two (2) round-trip economy airfare tickets and a two (2) night hotel stay. Entries must be received by 11:59 PM EST on 9/30/2017. Click HERE to enter! 

I am also honored to be featured in the first ever Upfront Business Magazine Special Breast Cancer Edition brought to you by Mercedes Wilson.
Advocating for causes is something that Boy Meets Girl® has done since inception. Breast cancer awareness is one of the many causes that Boy Meets Girl has supported. I met Mercedes on a shoot I worked on for the YSC last year as part of my role being the creative pr and marketing chair for their annual In Living Pink Gala. 
I had the opportunity to feature Mercedes on the Boy Meets Girl blog in our Survivor stories edition here.  Mercedes reached out to me and asked to feature me in this magazine for my give back involvement through my brand. Please check out the brilliant work Mercedes and her team put together for this magazine on breast cancer survivors and their stories. The issue can be viewed here and on stands You can see the interview on pages 11/12.

I leave you with my friend Wyclef Jean's new song "Borrowed Time" that has been on repeat in the office lately. Life is short. Live it. Embrace every moment and take time to take care of you.

My First Cover: Yhteishyvä Magazine in Finland

August 8, 2017

I’m so honored to be the first American on the cover of Yhteishyvä magazine (now out to 2 Million homes yes I said it 2 Million OMG)!

Printing Press Image 4 (Stacy's Cover).jpg
Credit: @hansaprint @yhteishyvä 
Printing Press Image.jpg
Credit: @hansaprint @yhteishyvä 
For those of you wondering what the cover below reads it says...

”Self-Confidence never goes out of Fashion.”

International expansion has always been part of the plans for Boy Meets Girl. Working with colette in Paris since 2015 and meeting with all the Boy Meets Girl Parisian fans has been an unforgettable experience. This year (2017) I brought Justine Skye to Paris with me to launch the Boy Meets Girl x Care Bears x colette collection at the store. This expansion in Paris has led Boy Meets Girl into many directions, making our next stop to Finland #BoyMeetsGirlinFinland. I am so excited to celebrate this launch and will be traveling to Finland next week so make sure to follow along on @stacyigel and @boymeetsgirlusa instagram for immediate updates.


My team knows how I am on my shoots. I am often there with my style guide ensuring that every shot is checked off, every piece of clothing is in place, and that the model is taking the direction. For this shot, I was in front of the camera for the first time in awhile and it was so much fun. The positive energy and excitement on this shoot with the Finnish editorial team made the whole experience even better. Expanding into a place full of so many people embracing the Boy Meets Girl message is a dream come true.


They truly captured my life as a #mompreneur. We shot some of the images in the morning in the heart of the Garment District, then quickly made it to Central Park to meet my little Dylan Reid (@dylanreidigel) for his time in front of the camera, and then headed to Brooklyn for the final shots (the cover shot was one of the last shots of the day). It was so much fun to have my angel on the shoot with us.


It was a special day with an amazing crew that I will never forget. I cannot wait to celebrate this pivotal moment in my career internationally.  To read the full article click here.

Stay tuned, as there is always more to come!

Thank you for this incredible honor & to the incredible team who made the shoot day so special:

See you in FINLAND!

My time in Paris

July 12, 2017

Covered in the New York Times today 071217
“The first stop the fashion crowd would make was to Colette,” Robert Burke, founder of the luxury consultancy that bears his name, said in an email. “The selection of brands, the way the forms displayed, the cloths and the mix designers was inspiring. If you were carried at Colette, you were cool. If you had a launch of product or a book signing at Colette you were recognized by not only the fashion world but the international fashion consumer.”

A bus note to my Nieces and Nephew & a Giveaway...

June 26, 2017

At M&M's graduation last week heading to High School in September
A bus note to my nieces and nephew (from left to right Sami Jo (9), Max & Morgan (twins 14)) in the picture to the right -->>>>

I have watched you grow faster than speeding bullets.

Image taken at the Boy Meets Girl
 NYFW show with M&M 

I have been to every Bris, Baby naming, Birthday party , Graduation and more.
I even created fun Birthday parties for you Sami Jo every summer with Uncle Almost and whole family, because you have a summer birthday and wanted to spend it with us adults. I will miss those parties.

( blog post on Sami Jo Birthday bash turning 7
Oh and how can I forget helping Morgan with her fashion birthday party (I think when you turned 11 years old) where I put together a DIY event and brought my celebrity hair and makeup stylist friend and photographer from NYFW to give Morgan the real VIP treatment. I still owe Max some birthday party ideas. I think I will get there soon Max :)

Before I had Dylan Reid almost 3 years ago you were my everything and guess what you still ARE!
Watching you all take care of your baby cousin is so incredible. Each of you hold a special place in Dylan's heart and to this day I still call you my babies. I don’t think that will ever stop.

Today I said goodbye to you three as you are all going to summer camp tomorrow. This will be Sami’s first time going.  I asked Sami Jo to not grow too fast and to remember me when she gets back. She promised me she would.

My aunts (on both sides) made such an impact on my life. I miss them everyday. My Auntie Carol passed away on 7/12/14 a few months before Dylan was born and his Hebrew middle name is named after her . It is Chaim, which means life.

All three of you have enriched my life and your uncles, and now our son. To life. To living. To learning. To growing. To giving. To loving your aunts (hee hee) :) I love you guys. Have the best summer and don't grow too fast.

And thank you for finding Auntie's Day years ago for me founded by the amazing Melanie Notkin creator of Savvy Auntie. This year it falls on Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 so don't forget to write your Aunt :)

How has your Aunt impacted your life?

Tell me in the comments below to win one of the following 4 items:

Here's what YOU could win (4 winners will be chosen):
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Boy Meets Girl® x Savvy Auntie®
The Coolest Aunt-T Tees and Tote are some of the coolest gifts for yourself and all cool aunts, anytime.  Limited Edition product available through August 15th, 2017 on www.boymeetsgirlusa.comAnd since 7-in-10 Savvy Aunties say their nieces and nephews view them as a mentor, we're donating a percentage of all sales directly to Bully Bust. This is an organization that helps girls and boys become upstanders in their community and combat bullying. Pretty cool, right? We thought so. So if you do not win this contest make sure to head over to and snag your favorite Aunt some goodies for good. 

Here's to all the COOLEST AUNTS!


Boy Meets Girl® x Savvy Auntie®TOTES THE COOLEST AUNT

Boy Meets Girl® x Savvy Auntie®THIS IS THE COOLEST AUNT-T crew neck

*Please note all opinions are my own*
I will announce winner on this post on Wednesday 7/12/17.

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