A Night of Wigs & Wishes

August 14, 2019

On Monday, I had the opportunity to emcee the Wigs & Wishes Event at the Gregory Hotel NYC. My good friend Claudine DeSola Krause founder of Caravan Stylist Studio and Janine Just of Janine Just Inc said "they knew I could be an MCEE. And Claudine kept saying to me this is practice for your future ...." I truly love the confidence my ladies give me every day and I was honored to be the MCEE. Martino Cartier’s organization, Wigs and Wishes donate 25,000 wigs to women and children each year. It was an honor to introduce such amazing women and men who are doing the work in the fight against cancer. From fertility to wigs to losing someone to the disease, each individual shared their part in being an advocate for helping others & encouraged attendees to become a part of the fight. Hearing everyone’s journey was the most magical part of the evening. Thank you to all!

I have been involved in giving back to cancer research since I started my brand. In 2008,
I became a Committee Member and Co-Chair of the In Living Pink Gala under the
Young Survival Coalition for Breast Cancer, and have continued working on events &
bringing awareness to an organization that helps bring young women together that are
struggling with the disease. Whether it is through clothing [including the the F*CK CANCER Tops] or
events, it is important for me to remain involved. This cause is important to me as I lost
my grandmother to breast cancer, as well as a friend - Kristin Martinez - who I met through the
Young Survival Coalition for Breast Cancer. After her passing, I knew I wanted to
continue my involvement in any way I could and have managed to continue to have
an impact along the way, and will continue to do so.

Riki Stevens & Lily Lane both performed at the event anthems of encouragement and strength.
Riki Stevens sang Martino’s favorite song “Somewhere Out There” from An American Tail.
Lily sang the song she wrote for an event I co-chaired in 2008, the In Living Pink Gala for
the Young Survival Coalition, “Battle Cry” - which is an anthem of hope for anyone going
through cancer. It is a song that gives me chills every time I hear it.

Denise Albert, Pamela Pekerman, and Ariana Ost are a few of the amazing women that shared
their stories and connections to advocate for those with cancer.
Denise is a breast cancer survivor herself & a voice of hope and encouragement.
Pamela is a powerful voice that shared statistics and information to highlight just how important
it is to join the fight for cancer awareness. Ariana Ost started the event with healing prayer with
crystals that she creates to instill positive energy & healing for all aspects of life -
and she also shared her story of losing her mother to breast cancer. There were also other amazing
women who shared their involvement. Dr. Janelle Luk, who runs an initiative that offers free
IVF with anyone that has gone through Cancer. Kalyn Johnson Chandler,
who shared her own personal journey with two good friends of hers that had cancer.
Actress Emily Bergl, who shared her connection to cancer with honoring the memory of her mother,
as well as Romelda Teron Benjamin, who also shared the story of the loss of her mother to cancer. 

We have multiple styles on the BOY MEETS GIRL® website now that give back to the
Young Survival Coalition for Breast Cancer. F*CK CANCER. Make a statement & give back. 
Let’s continue to make a difference together.
And shout out to Martino for your incredible energy and work to give back!

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“Art, Activism, and Impact” Panel, JOIN ME!

June 12, 2019

BOY MEETS GIRL® has been a give-back brand since inception, and I love to find ways to continue to spread awareness and bring voices together to share topics to inspire change.
I have grown from a fear of public speaking to speaking in front of 1000+ people to speaking on panels - to now moderating my first one! The “Art, Activism, and Impact” Panel will take place from 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM on June 19th. I am so excited to bring people together that I have worked with in different ways to bring awareness to multiple causes - whether it is gun control, anti-bullying, breast cancer awareness, immigration rights, and more.

Check out a little more information about the panel I will be moderating below. Also, if you are interested in attending - I have a surprise for you at the end of this post! ;)
Denise Bidot, Activist, TV Personality & Founder of No Wrong Way

Denise was a guest on my podcast #MOMSGOTHIS (you can take a listen here). We actually met ages ago when she was on a panel and I fell in love with her. She has traveled the world as a Curve Model and has been recognized for her groundbreaking movements in the fashion industry. In 2014 Denise broke barriers by becoming the first plus-size model to walk multiple runways during NYFW. As a fellow mom, Denise wants to spread more awareness that "being you is what defines real beauty." During the summer of 2016, she launched a lifestyle movement called "The No Wrong Way Movement." Denise hopes this movement will inspire people from every walk of life to claim and own their unique individuality and beauty. I am excited for you all to hear what she is up to in using her voice for positive change. Read more about Denise & other panelists here.

Whitney Allgood, Chief Executive Officer, National School Climate Center
I have worked with the NSCC’s BullyBust Program since 2009, dating back to when I worked on a campaign with Sammi Hanratty [at the time she was the American Girl doll Chrissa Stands Strong & dealt with bullying on YouTube in 2009] on what it meant to be an “UPSTANDER” that combats against bullying & intolerance. Whitney recently came on board to the NSCC and it has been a pleasure working with her and excited to share a big campaign we are launching in the fall to continue BOY MEETS GIRL®’s give back to the National School Climate Center’s BullyBust program. Read more about Whitney & other panelists here.

Luis Hernandez, Executive Director, Youth Over Guns & Engagement Coordinator for Justice League NYC

I met Luis when we shot our campaign for Voto Latino + Youth Empower last year to encourage others to vote & stand up for equal rights (you can see here). Luis is an inspiring voice for the youth. At such a young age the work he is doing to help improve the criminal justice system is admirable. Read more about Luis & other panelists here.

Panel Description:
BOY MEETS GIRL® Founder and Creative Director, Stacy Igel is speaking on a very important topic that has been built into her brand since day one. She will be hosting a conversation about how brands can engage and tap into the power and influence of activists to help them amplify their message and tell their brand’s story in an authentic way. Hear how brands partner with artists and influencers to help spread their powerful messages and diversify their stories. Stacy will share how her company has partnered with young activists and iconic artists to help spread awareness and raise funds for causes important to BMG: Climate Change, LGBTQ, Bullying, Breast Cancer and more. Stacy will interview a panel of experts from the activist and corporate social responsibility sides to gain a better understanding of how to approach influencers, agree to terms and activate on a campaign both parties are proud of.

Event Location:
    MCC Rooftop
                                       197 E Broadway, NY NY
    E. Broadway between Jefferson and Clinton Streets  
                                       Take the F Train to the East Broadway Station and walk one block
    East. The MCC will be on your right opposite Seward Park
Event Timing: 9:00AM-7:00PM
Panel Timing: 3:45PM-4:45PM

For more details, visit their website: www.causemarketingnyc.com. This year’s event is on Wednesday, June 19 at the MCC Rooftop in the LES.
Use code BMG to get 25% off tickets today, get yours here.

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February 15, 2019
I have been non-stop this year.
Right now you can keep up with me on all my socials @stacyigel 
Working around the clock and trying to find the balance.
One week I maintain my workouts.
One week my workouts get pushed to the side.
One week I am rocking and rolling at work.
One week I am rocking and rolling as a mother and wife.
One week I catch up on me.
Last year I finished my first book in 4 years and it was amazing and inspiring ( Shoe Dog)
There is no perfect formula. There is no perfect balance.
Happiness is the key to my formula.
I am happy doing all the below.
I love being a mom. I love talking to other mompreneurs and entrepreneurs on my podcast #MOMSGOTTHIS
I love growing and building my brand BOY MEETS GIRL(R).
I love meeting artists, musicians, innovators.
I love collaborating.
I love to bring the YOUTH together to work toward change in our world.

The journey continues #UNEXPECTED2019