Velvet Crush

September 25, 2016

It is a constant struggle to keep up with me. Yes the life of a womanprenuer, entrepreneur and mompreneur but somehow I KEEP MOVING (my dad taught me that phrase thanks Dodi) even if that means bringing you a midnight dose of inspiration.  Well here I am and slowly catching up on my Fashion Week posts after mucho cafe. I did do a lot of live coverage on my social outlets during NYFW (so hope you caught up with me there) and also took over IMGs app called HEED for a "day in the life" piece which you can see here.

The 80's/90's are backkkkk and so is VELVET just like the days when Kate and Winona rocked it. I do have a big velvet crush as I wore it back in the 90's too and was proud to bring it back again at the Aldo & Daily Front Row #AldoMovesMe NYFW party. Loved running into these awesome hard working ladies and hanging with my good friend and awesome photographer Sophie. To snag my velvet friend click below. See you at Midnight again soon. 


August 11, 2016
Two weeks ago I got a call from the University of Wisconsin Badgers . Kimberly the Associate Director of Advancement UW-Madison School of Human Ecology said, "I am calling you to let you know you have won the Wisconsin "Idea" Alumni Award." I almost fell off my seat. She said 50+ people were nominated and you were the chosen one. I sat back and I think my face turned bright red over the phone. I asked her who nominated me and she said, "I did! And I was so excited to see you WON." Kimberly had worked on this exhibit that was done on me and the brand I have built aka Boy Meets Girl last summer…/the-feeling-of-being-featured-in… at the University of Wisconsin . Sometimes when you least expect it there is an Angel rooting for you from a far. I am known to create ideas that are "out of the box" & "crushing the box". I never knew there was an award for your ideas :)) I feel like I won an Oscar lol. To be appreciated for your work truly is an honor. I get it (I mean the oscar thing lol). I never get to really stop and see what I have built but in this moment I am so grateful and proud. I worked very hard to get into UofW and to share this award with all my fellow ‪#‎BADGERS‬ is an honor. Thank you all for following my world and being incredible supporters along the way. 

Muse Features you must check out!

June 29, 2016
I have been knee deep in work-work-work. I have been working hard to balance the life of a #workingmom. It is a constant struggle, but one I challenge myself on everyday because I wouldn't want it any other way. Being a working mom is truly a blessing which makes me grateful... Every. Single. Day. Earlier in the year, I noted my posts might not be as frequent but they will be quality posts! My Monthly Muse Features have now been taken over by my Weekly Muse Features on the Boy Meets Girl(R) Blog. Over the past year I have worked closely with photographer and friend Spencer Kohn to bring you quality content. It was important for me to show you who the Boy Meets Girl "Girl" is and what she is made of.  I am so proud of this collaborative work and the features we bring you each week to the blog. On top of running my business, I provide posts as if I'm runing a magazine. Each post is curated with photography and produced by, me! So you can understand the brand through my eyes. I hope you have viewed and read the featured stories of the incredible women, men and even "muse couples. If you haven't, what are you waiting for? Click on the links below to read each story and let us know how you think! Thank you to all our muses for sharing their inspiring stories. I can't wait to see who they inspire into being our next muse. xo