The Artist Series

November 5, 2018
BOY MEETS GIRL®: The Artist Series

I started creating, painting and sewing my own creations in the womb and came to New York from the Midwest to work for amazing designers after college and then started selling my own creations to stores door to door in the streets of NYC! So this collaboration is in my veins and it is at the root of what BOY MEETS GIRL® is all about and truly one of my favorite parts of being a creator. When I did my first tradeshow in 2001, I was asked by Levi's to create a piece out of their jeans. I remember the feeling of putting this piece together and the excitement I had that Levi's was giving me this opportunity. 

I’m so excited to introduce to you the BOY MEETS GIRL® Artist Series! With my brand, I have collaborated with three amazing artists. They had the opportunity to get creative with the BOY MEETS GIRL® logo and it has been truly beautiful to see the direction each artist created inside the brand.

My heart is filled with so much joy thinking about this project and offering our platform to these talented artists. This is about rising artists and real people and sharing their creativity through the brand is magical.  So without further ado, please meet the ARTISTS.

Cerise Zelentez is a New York-based artist, illustrator, writer and humorist. Her work has been featured in a number of groups and solo shows throughout New York and Paris, as well as publications including the New Yorker and the Paris Review. I actually featured her as a part of the BOY MEETS GIRL® Muse of the Week series in 2016, seen here. She took an animation approach to the logo, which I love. For the BOY MEETS GIRL® blog we asked her what the inspiration behind the logo is, and she stated, “Inspiration for this design was taken primarily from the BOY MEETS GIRL® logo itself, drawing on the awkward yet essential beauty of human interaction. With technology ever-growing, the aim was to stress the forgotten complexity of face to face relations, and the extraordinary impact one person can have on another with just the slightest contact.” Read more on the BOY MEETS GIRL®  blog here.

Matthew Langille is an NYC-based artist and the designer known for his whimsy, humor, and sardonic wit. His work has been shown at galleries around the world and featured in numerous publications. Matthew utilized the logo featuring a polka dot design, and you all know how much I love polka dots… :)! On the BOY MEETS GIRL® blog, he let us know his inspiration for his design: “My concept for the BOY MEETS GIRL® Artist Series was a simple one. I used dots to fill the BOY MEETS GIRL® logo and found it simple and poetic to have each silhouette filled with dots, but of course, as in life no one human is the same but we are all made of the same human threads.”

Jason Gaskins is an illustrator and photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. His work can be found at,, and Jason stated,  “I was already a fan of the BOY MEETS GIRL® silhouette when I was introduced to the brand about two years ago. Along with the all the positive messages that they have been able to incorporate in the said logo; I felt my signature "galaxy motif " was a no-brainer for me. Conversely, the whole concept of BOY MEETS GIRL® made me think of the big bang theory and creation in general; making this collaboration both fitting and inspiring for me.”

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Boy Meets Girl® x Youth Empower x Voto Latino

October 8, 2018

In recent years, I have started to be more and more open with my political views.
In our country’s current climate, we cannot remain silent!
My involvement in voting has expanded with my brand BOY MEETS GIRL over the years,
with t-shirts that included BOY MEETS OBAMA GIRL, WAKE UP GET UP VOTE with Project Vote,
YAY NAY with Voto Latino [In connection to the 2016 elections - I think you know what side
I was on that time.], and now with our TWO STEPS REGISTER, VOTE TEE with Women’s March Youth Empower and Voto Latino.

With Youth Empower's Youth Director, Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs 
and photographerSophie Elgort, I spent the day meeting and capturing four powerful young activists to discuss their involvement in
voting efforts. Sara Mora, Luis Hernandez, Tyra Hemans, and Autumn Greco each shared their reasons
and passion for voting in the upcoming elections.

Teen Vogue covered our campaign, stating “How One Brand Is Making A Difference.” Bringing the youth together and giving them a platform is something I have always made a focus
If we come together and share our stories we can help others and bring people together.
This is what is needed and I will continue to work hard to do this every day.
Teen Vogue's title only pushes me more to keep doing what I am doing.

On the BOY MEETS GIRL® blog,
we are rolling out Q&A’s with each activist -
asking them if they really believe that the youth can make a difference in today’s political climate.
This roll-out will continue into October 13th.

Check out the roll-out on BOY MEETS GIRL®’s Instagram, as well as the lookbook here.

Shop the collaboration collection on or click below.

Thank you to everyone involved in this campaign.


July 25, 2018
Last month I traveled back to HELSINKI to celebrate PRIDE MONTH with BOY MEETS GIRL®  and PRISMA (BOY MEETS GIRL exclusive licensee). This was my fourth trip to my new favorite country FINLAND.  

I went there before you DONALD TRUMP and I have been creating a movement over the past year  there so my favorite FINNS proudly wore their F**CKBULLIES shirts when you arrived!

Covered in Kauppalehti last year and this year.
"Attitude counts. Stacy Igel believes strong messages come into force. She is opposed to bullying with t-shirt, the message of which arouses emotions, as it should."

Covered in Yhteishyva ( also the first magazine I graced the cover of last year!) 
"Stacy Igel does not believe that her clothes will change the world, but through the messages they transmit can create a conversation that will help people to better understand each other and thus build a more equal world. To her success means that she is able to touch and unite people."

On June 26th. 2018, I started my morning with coffee and butterflies in my stomach. I always get butterflies before I present my brand to the world. I think getting butterflies makes me better when I am up there presenting ( I hope that is true :)).  

I presented the BOY MEETS GIRL Pride collection " BOY MEETS GIRL® IS FOR EVERYONE" at the Helsinki Pride House and updates on where BOY MEETS GIRL has been this year since our launch last year to top editors and bloggers. 

Later in the day, I spoke on a pride panel with Paivi Hole & Annti Asplund, moderated by Veera Teppola & Kristoffer Ignatius. Fans had the opportunity to ask questions & start a conversation about LGBTQ topics & issues.

After my presentation and panel, I grabbed a big coffee, ate some yummy food and headed off to one of the most special moments in my career. Individuals entered a contest to meet me in Finland. Those who won the contest came from all over Finland to meet me at the HAM Helsinki museum (if you followed my journey over the past year I went to HAM on my first trip ever to Finland so it was indeed a surreal moment for me). I walked into a room with girls and women inspired by the brand I created from scratch. I asked everyone there to tell me how they heard of the brand and what the brand meant to them. Each had a story and shared their story openly without fear. Many had been bullied when they were younger and we talked about how they dealt with those times in their lives and some even told me BOY MEETS GIRL clothing helped them share their story with others and even make friends with the bullies! I was brought to tears and had chills all over my body. All the hard work and sleepless nights to make a statement and a change were brought together in this room. I have been an advocate for the NSCC efforts since 2009 and every day working hard to have others share their stories so we can make a statement and bring people together. On June 26th, 2018 we certainly did that! Together, we created a custom collection in which they titled "THE MOI COLLECTION."  Thank you for a beautiful day and being so honest with your stories. 

BOY MEETS GIRL®...what a limitless story that beginning can create. Maybe romance, a new friend, and more often than not, a small moment shared that only lasts a few seconds, maybe minutes, but inspires so many more. We create fashion rooted from these connections. Fashion and collaborations that stem from the interesting people we meet, the experiences we share, and the aspirations we strive for.

UNTIL NEXT TIME= ensi kertaan. MOI MOI