Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing Boy Meets Girl(R)

January 1, 2009
My favorite press is the press that comes in without knowing it is there.
I remember when Ellen Tien from the New York Times wrote about me and my line in the Sunday Styles section in '02 & '03. Both times friends/family called me Sunday morning(the day I normally sleep late) to ask me if I saw Sunday Styles that morning. Both times I had not seen it as I was still catching up on my sleep and both times my line was covered without me knowing!! It is at these moments that the 24 hours a day of work and dedication that I put into my brand(now been 8 years!!!) makes me realize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is all worth it. A year ago I made a personalized hoodie for Jennifer Love Hewitt and today I got an email from a friend saying did you see,,20249650_20561138,00.html

And today I was too catching up on my long overdue sleep and did not know about this press until i got that email. My heart raced like it does every time press hits the news on me or the brand.
So thank you Jennifer and the press for BELIEVING in me and Boy Meets Girl(R).
You keep me going and pushing me to be the best.
To 2009!
xx Dj Daisy Deesh


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