July 18, 2009

I finally had a moment to take some time for me today. Well a little time. Of course it led me to cleaning up my computer and finding items that I have been meaning to post for a long time. Drum roll....video and pics of my meeting with the amazing Vogue Senior Market editor- Meredith Melling Burke. The video is a clip that Dj NielleKat(my amazing associate designer) took of me with my former intern on the way to Vogue. Here you will see ME being ME in my studio. I forgot what day my visit was but I do remember it was a crazy rain storm and I trekked there with my whole collection. Upon my arrival Izzie(Meredith's adorable assistant) came out to greet me. Izzie was kind and full of energy and excited to meet with me. Meredith came out and she was in jeans and I believe a pair of adorable rain boots(sorry but i have worked everyday since then 24 hours a day and i did not get a chance to log her outfit..next time i promise i will polyvore it). Meredith is AMAZING and KIND. She was very impressed by my Fall 2009 collection. This collection is shipping now to stores! She commented that she liked the details of my trim on my sweater collection and the outerwear pieces. Meredith covers designers all over the world. I look forward to reporting more on Vogue and hopefully will grace their pages to show you all. Vogue...now OPRAH!!! That is the goal. Believe in your dreams. If you work hard you can build that dream.
xo Dj Daisy Deesh


  1. Congratulations girly! I watch SATC the movie...and just wish i could be THAT girl to walk into VOGUE. Imagine all the fabulous designer clothing they get everyday...well, look...you're one of them :) Dream BIG...that's how your goals get accomplished. You've got yourself a new follower lady!

  2. Thank you Aubrey! The road has many layers and days like walking into Vogue to preview my collection are the days i have to stop and say I am doing what I love and I am so thankful for this journey. Thinking Big is the key to success. But also knowing you can fail and have hard days is also the key to success. xx Stacy