on way to LA LA land

October 22, 2009
NY fashion week led me to LA fashion week. I am not sure how I got here. But, I know it is a dream come true. 30 looks to come down the runway all my collection! In NYC I had the opportunity to have 4 looks come down the runway in collaboration with other designers. This time it is all me! It is not easy with a small staff. But, I have never complained before as I get it done. The dream is always in site.
My new motto "think, say, DO!" I spent all of August talking to my ladies saying I really want to present my collection down the runway during fashion week. I set my goal. I said it out loud and I am DOING. It has been challenging. There are highs and lows. But, the highs out weigh the lows indeed. I want everyone to see what Boy Meets Girl is all about. I got into this business for my love for Fashion. The hard work has to have a fun part too. So thank you all (bff's, dj blue steel, dj office ladies, dodi, norma, swimrhoda, jo, nana and all my fans and buyers and editors). thank you for your energy and your belief in me and the collection. And thank you ELLE magazine, Sephora, The Renaissance Hotel , Steve Madden Hosiery and RockPrmedia.
To la la land!
Dj Daisy Deesh aka Stacy


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