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February 25, 2010

what a day

February 24, 2010
need to rest
excited for the updates
just a taste...
started with meetings in the morning and special guests who came to my showroom today :) Miss Tara Smith (Celebrity Hair Stylist) , Miss Rosario Dawson & Miss Mandy Dawson.
We had a fun adventure today. Dressing the girls and then off to Steve Madden Hosiery. Love you Paul & Jenn for always hooking me up. I am your official steve madden hosiery promoter :) then off to lunch or do we say afternoon tea time.
pictures to come. sleepy time

Press coverage on the F'10 shoot campaign...

February 20, 2010

And yes it was 7am when they filmed me and I had no idea the news was coming. NO makeup, no hair done, just ready to work. Ali, Michelle and I styled and worked until 3am the night before. And so it goes :)


so much happening..where do i start

I will be updating the behind the scenes from my f'10 photo shoot campaign at the mount airy casino. We just got back and every step of the way was incredible. Pictures and updates to come.
Also wanted you all to see my collaboration with Liz. Very excited to be collaborating with her.

working hard on all updates . Coterie starts tomorrow and the pictures from the shoot have to be ready so non-stop madness. No days off this month.

Boy Meets Hustler Girl...Fall 2010 campaign

February 16, 2010
Preparing for my leave to the mount airy casino tomorrow. WOW! Cannot believe it is time to shoot Fall 2010 already. Dj Sailing/Vanilla Ice is working it in vegas hustling and selling (dividing and first time not at the booth with her in 2 years but i will be on sunday at Coterie if we are not falling asleep selling lol!). Dj niellekat worked very hard with me and Dj Jac and DJ mocha M to put the best boy meets girl(R) line together. Thank you Dj shakeema for working hard. TEAM WORK! DJ TEAM WORK! Dj NielleKat and I also divided up duties this season to conquer the world. You will be missed on this shoot but success comes by dividing and conquering. Dj shipper keep shipping out the goods on time :) And to our newest Dj ..Dj hard core(my assistant). Thank you for jumping in and assisting me on this journey. From the day you started you have been dedicated and on top of it. Excited to work with you on this shoot. Pictures will be uploaded after the shoot and after coterie so you can see the journey.
Also on 02/15/10 I(aka Stacy) met with one of my favorite blogger's Liz ( and my favorite celebrity stylist Ali Lang. Ali is co-styling my Fall 2010 shoot with me and we had Liz style a few looks that we look forward to incorporating in the shoot. See pics here (!/pages/Boy-Meets-Girl/19133314409)

So I give to you Boy Meets Hustler Girl.

FALL 2010 Boy Meets Girl® photo shoot: Do the Hustle

Opportunity is all around us… what’s that you say? Come again? Aren’t we knee-deep in a recession? No, the economic meltdown hasn’t short-circuited Boy Meets Girl® founder Stacy M. Igel’s senses. In fact, it has fine tuned them. Ms. Igel, admittedly, is a glass half full kind of girl. That said, she knows an opportunity when she sees one. In fact, Boy Meets Girl® has grown in leaps and bounds over the past 18 months primarily because Ms. Igel continues to hustle where others have given up. Hey, nobody ever said dream-chasing was easy. But that’s exactly what makes it so sweet when you finally catch up to them.

Boy Meets Girl’s Fall 2010 collection is inspired by all the hustlers out there. The midnight-oil burners, the day seizers, the risk-takers and the indefatigables. The collection of novelty fleece and french terry sweats, detailed sweaters, chic graphic organic tees, day to night tops and edgy dresses is the result of some serious hours spent sketching, designing and sourcing the best Boy Meets Girl® collection yet.

Even the models in our Fall 2010 campaign, shooting at Mount Airy Casino, are proven hustlers – they were chosen from an open online casting ( featuring over 1,000 applicants who not only had to look the part, but also had to prove to Ms. Igel that they had the “hustler mojo”.

Other Key highlights of the shoot will be our amazing crew members. Celebrity Hair Stylist Tara Smith, who just won Celebrity Hair Stylist of the year in the U.K.( Check out her celeb client list here: And the amazing celebrity makeup artists Lauren Manzo and Susie Lynn and Nicole Bonilla!

A big Thank You goes out to our Sponsors!

Seychelles Footwear

Tara Smith

Mount Airy Casino Resort

Jane L Jewelry

Bobby Friedel Photography

stay tune for more behind the scene coverage and the Boy Meets Girl(R) Fall 2010 look book!

Boy Meets #NYFW Girl

February 15, 2010

Hey guys,
sorry for the delays. I have been running around and excited to update you on all the amazing events and shows I have been attending. But, even more excited is my collaborations i am working on and the photo shoot that I am so excited to update you all on that I am doing this coming wed/thurs/friday at the Mount Airy Casino with the most incredible team. Also special blogger stopped by today and styled some looks with me(pictures to come). I promise to update everything tomorrow so you know what is going on and can feel the excitement with me. Today's outfit was inspired by my weekend of vintage shopping with my valentine/dj bluesteel. I love this new dress i got at this amazing store Anna's that is in the east village and has been there for 14 years. I support women entrepreneurs and to survive in this economy makes me so happy for all. Anna you rock and your incredible sales assoicate Kimberly made my night last night... after a few cocktails at Poco for their incredible sunday brunch 11:30 -5. Anyway here is my fashion week outfit. More to come...

OUTFIT DETAILS(starting from bottom up)
1. boots-made in italy
2. socks-forgot
3.leggings-Boy Meets Girl
4. tunic/dress- Anna
5. bag- Majo
5. camera -canon (camera taker dj blue steel)
6. face : me

Fashion Week Day #1 and I salute MarC MeZ and his amazing photos capturing my label Boy Meets Girl!

February 11, 2010

I met MarC MeZ and fell in love with him when he became one of my many special drivers in Los Angeles. We met and he is one of the most talented Photographers I know. This is my collection of I HEART MarC Mez pictures that he has shot of Boy Meets Girl product. It is only the beginning of many more amazing things to come. You must check him out
Dj Daisy Deesh

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

This is a very sad day for me. A great leader in fashion. Thank you for the incredible inspirations you brought to all of us. You were a rare talent. xo Stacy


February 10, 2010

OUTFIT DETAILS(starting from bottom up)
1. snow shoes-Bandolino
2. socks-my bff deb's from college
3.leggings-Boy Meets Girl
4. tunic- H&M
5. sweater wrap-eye of the needle
6. necklaces-vintage mixed with Jane L jewelry
7. bracelet-from mitzi & ramono in Atlanta
8. camera -canon
9. face : me


February 9, 2010
OUTFIT DETAILS(starting from bottom up)
1. shoes-Made in Italy
2. socks-vintage
3. Jeans-The Gap
4. top- Boy Meets Girl
5. sweater vest-Boy Meets Girl
6. chain belt-vintage
7. camera -my blackberry
8. face : me

020810 fashion week countdown outfit

February 8, 2010

So I read a magazine backwards and I sometimes I just do things backwards. SO I have decided to show you my outfits leading up to Fashion Week. Fashion Week starts on 02/11/10 I have posted a few outfits. But, I promise to be religious the next few days. And of course I will update you on all Fashion Week Madness and outfits too.
So here you go :) Enjoy

OUTFIT DETAILS(starting from bottom up)
1. shoes-Made in Italy
2. socks-vintage
3. pants-Boy Meets Girl
4. top- Boy Meets Girl
5. bracelet- rubberbands
6. jacket-monrow
7. camera -my blackberry
8. face : me

I love this shot. It makes me want a tattoo even more

February 7, 2010

amazing updates coming :0

February 6, 2010
happy weekend

020510 FASHION WEEK COUNTDOWN OUTFIT # guest appearance DJ NielleeKat

February 5, 2010

Sorry yesterday I was not feeling up for my shoot so I skipped the day. Today I fell in love what my DJ NielleeKat was rocking so I decided to shoot her today. Shout out to my right hand girl! Love that Boy Meets Girl sweater!!!!

OUTFIT DETAILS(starting from bottom up)
1. Boots-Bronx
2. Leggings: Splendid
3. Thigh Highs: Target
4. Belt: H&M
5. Dress: American Apparel
6. Cardigan: Boy Meets Girl
7. earrings- vintage
7. camera -blacberry
8. face : Dj NielleeKat

030410 R.I.P. Bob Stein

February 4, 2010
Today I am dedicating my blog to Bob Stein.
There will be an outfit picture at the end of the day.
Bob Stein was an incredible man. He was passionate and caring. You will be truly missed.


February 3, 2010

OUTFIT DETAILS(starting from bottom up)
1. shoes-Enzo Angiolini
2. socks-vintage
3. jeans-jbrand
4. top- Boy Meets Girl
5. vest-Boy Meets Girl
6. bracelet- Kara Ross
7. camera -canon elp
8. face : me


February 2, 2010

OUTFIT DETAILS(starting from bottom up)
1. shoes-Libertas
2. tights-Steve Madden
3. shorts-18th amendment
4. tee- vintage vogue shirt (thanks sis)
5. necklace- Jane L
6. scarf - Boy Meets Girl
7. gloves- free people
8. blazer- BR (on sale great find!)
9. pin on blazer- Boy Meets Girl
10. camera -canon elp
11. face : me

an outside look...

As I get ready for Fashion Week madness the madness continues. So much is happening and fires to take out and cheerleading is needed. I am the brand. I am the cheerleader for my Dj's(my team). We all work hard and even harder to make sure everything is in place to launch another season. So much goes behind each step.
The picture above is a look from the outside by the famous artist Donovan of ME at a fashion week party 2 years ago. As you can see from my pictures surrounding this blog I am not 50. I am not Anna Wintour. My spirit is carefree but as you can see from this picture he captured my inner world. He knows how much I work. He was an outsider looking into my soul. I remember being at this party with my dear friend miss susanah cahn(former OK magazine Fashion Director) and we will never forget the moment when this artist finished this drawing and felt complete. I BELIEVE he saw something that means many things. I am continuingly learning all of those things. And the learning and journey keeps moving. So I bring you the moments before the launch of my Fall 2010 collection. As I embark on this new launch you will be updated on my looks as I walk through the weeks to come will see the looks when i am on site at a fashion shoot at the Mount Airy Casino, you will see me out and about during fashion week shows/parties. You will see me on the way to work. Stay Tune :)