an outside look...

February 2, 2010

As I get ready for Fashion Week madness the madness continues. So much is happening and fires to take out and cheerleading is needed. I am the brand. I am the cheerleader for my Dj's(my team). We all work hard and even harder to make sure everything is in place to launch another season. So much goes behind each step.
The picture above is a look from the outside by the famous artist Donovan of ME at a fashion week party 2 years ago. As you can see from my pictures surrounding this blog I am not 50. I am not Anna Wintour. My spirit is carefree but as you can see from this picture he captured my inner world. He knows how much I work. He was an outsider looking into my soul. I remember being at this party with my dear friend miss susanah cahn(former OK magazine Fashion Director) and we will never forget the moment when this artist finished this drawing and felt complete. I BELIEVE he saw something that means many things. I am continuingly learning all of those things. And the learning and journey keeps moving. So I bring you the moments before the launch of my Fall 2010 collection. As I embark on this new launch you will be updated on my looks as I walk through the weeks to come will see the looks when i am on site at a fashion shoot at the Mount Airy Casino, you will see me out and about during fashion week shows/parties. You will see me on the way to work. Stay Tune :)


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