Boy Meets Late Afternoon Girl

March 11, 2010
Boy Meets Girl dress available here lace does come attached to this boy meets girl love stamp dress :) Retail $79 its a steal...same dress as seen at my first own RUNWAY show in Los Angeles! Dreams do come true!


  1. hello boy meets girl...

    it is so nice to meet you, at least through your blog. i am in love with your brand. just came across it through Late Afternoon's blog. i so adore this dress, only thing is the dress linked to your link is almost the same, only without the lace trim. is there perhaps another link or place where i can find this dress. thanks so much i look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi Liz thanks for reaching out. And thank you for your beautiful comments. SO happy you love my brand :) That is why I work as hard as I do so fans can rock my collection and feel good in it. I love Liz from Late Afternoon. She is amazing and I love her style :) The link to does not show the lace but the lace does come with the dress so you are in luck. Here is the direct link. xx Stacy