Boy Meet Dj Daisy Deesh Girl courteous of Je_Bo

April 13, 2010

Here is a picture from a series of photos that the AMAZING photographer Je_Bo shot of me and DJ Blue Steel. I met Je_Bo for the first time last Friday in Los Angeles(she is the amazing photographer that shot all the shots of my girl Jackie Tohn for my Sp'10 look book). Dj Blue Steel and I went to her studio and were greeted by her "assistant"/boyfriend the amazing Tom Vrab(he is a stand up comedian and brought so much life to the shoot!). I could write a novel about the day and will write more tomorrow. But, it is 2am and time for a little sleep..just a little. I just wanted to give you a taste of Je_Bo's amazing work and thank her and the team for making me look like a true DJ.
Hair: Tara Smith
Makeup: Susie Lynn
Styling: Me :)
Photographer: Je_Bo


  1. off the chain in every way. cannot wait to see the rest. j-bo is the sickest ever. and she gets better every time. i love you stace!

  2. thank you Power :) Je_BO is amazing. I am so excited for you to see more. I just posted a new one today. I am getting ready to launch my new website. Excited for you all to see soon!! xo, Stacy