Easy, Breezy Romper Girl 5/28/10

May 28, 2010
I am so excited for a nice long weekend away from the city. It will be a good change of pace for me, plus packing for trips is always fun because it means I get to try out my new purchases. ;)

Today, I share with you a couple of tips to planning your holiday weekend in style:

1. I try to pack lightly whenever possible. Space is always at a premium, whether its in the trunk of your rental car or in the overhead bins. So find a staple item from your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to reuse it over the course of the weekend. Of course, it should be a comfortable, breathable piece that is easy to mix and match accessories with. I chose the summeriest (its a word, check Webster’s..) romper in my closet. In general, I love jumpers and rompers because you just hop right in and out of them and you don’t have to think twice about it. This particular jumper/romper was from a gift from my sister, Kathy, from Urban Outfitters (Ecote Summer Culotte Romper). The fit is absolutely perfect; it doesn't pull around my bum like some rompers can.

2. For those of you who may have a daytime BBQ, sunset cocktail party, a swanky dinner or a yummy Sunday brunch (or if you’re lucky and your stomach can handle it, all of the above) to attend this weekend, check out my calendar of style below for how to dress for each occasion.

Check out this piece I designed

Enjoy and have a memorable Memorial Day weekend.
P.S. - Stay tuned next week, when I’ll show you more
pictures of my looks from my weekend getaway!

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