NJ Housewives premiere at the Brownstone

May 5, 2010
When I arrived at the NJ Housewives premiere at the Brownstone in NJ, I almost felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in an unfamiliar yet exciting territory. I don’t get a chance to travel to NJ very often for events, but this premiere was not one to be missed! As a city girl, I didn’t know what to expect, but pulling up to the beautiful Brownstone home, I was instantly impressed. Everything from the delicious food to the decorated entrance, I was sure this was going to be a great night. I first met Teresa, Jaqueline and Caroline at my first Boy Meets Girl® fashion show this past September in NYC (you can check out our first meeting that was covered here). They came behind the scenes of the runway and I instantly fell in love with their bubbly personalities and they wear Boy Meets Girl®, even better :) Caroline and I become quick friends and she introduced me to her lovely daughter and my dear friend miss Lauren Manzo Lauren was part of the amazing makeup team(Nicole Bonilla & Susie Lynn) for the Boy Meets Girl ® Fall2010 photo shoot this past February at the amazing Mount Airy Casino). So when Lauren and Caroline asked me to be one of their VIP guests for the evening I was more then happy to come to NJ ;). Lauren & Caroline both looked stunning and so did the rest of the Jersey ladies! . And of course how could I forget Vito, Lauren’s man- he is such a great guy and welcomed me with a huge bear hug. Check out the pictures below of me, Lauren and some of the NJ Housewives.

Pictures by Amanda Joy Photography

Below I have brought in DJ Michelle(you can see her there with me and Teresa's husband Joe). This DJ is my amazing assistant who is there with me during the highs and lows. I bring DJ Michelle almost everywhere I go these days. My life is a crazy one and I am so grateful to have Michelle there with me to keep me as she says "Breathing". So today I give you DJ Michelle and her thoughts on our DJ experience. Thank you again Michelle for all that you do for me :)

Pictures by Richard Brill

Michelle’s entry: While I like to think I’m a true city girl (soon to be Brooklyn girl, fingers crossed!). I live only a short ride away from the Brownstone in Paterson and was very excited when I heard that we were invited to the NJ Housewives premiere. Of course I was happy to represent NJ and any event I go to with Stacy is guaranteed to be a great time. I must admit, all of the Real Housewives are my guilty pleasure when it comes to reality TV, but nothing beats the sassy NJ ladies who aren’t afraid to say what’s on their mind. My mother is full Italian, and with this comes a loud and sometimes over bearing (but of course loving) personality- so it's safe to say I felt right at home at the event ;) . It was exciting to have met them in person and they all looked so chic and fabulous. Seeing Lauren and Vito again was a pleasure as always and I am so excited for what’s to come this season- drama drama drama!

Also I have to give a shout out to John Mara and the Mara Family. What beautiful people. Below is a pic of me & John. It was a great meeting you all. As I told you my first Superbowl(actually only superbowl i have ever been too) was the Denver Broncos vs. the NY Giants. And I have pictures to prove I was cheering for the GIANTS and they WON. If my Bears don't play I am a secret Giants fan. Sorry Dj Blue Steel who is a BIG jets fan.

Pictures by Richard Brill


Stacy aka Dj Daisy Deesh


  1. How cool- what a fun night-- I love NJ Housewives and all the other Housewives- the show is so addicting!!


  2. Thanks Kelly Ann ;) Some of the NY housewives attended as well. I loved meeting Ally Zarin. She is adorable and such a good person.