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May 11, 2010
There is a special bond between a woman and their shoes that is not meant to be broken. Ask most females, and they will tell you that one of their must have necessities is a sharp pair of stilettos or a cork wedged sandal. I have to admit, I am placed in the category of “shoe lover” so you can imagine my excitement when I organized a photo shoot that displayed Christian Louboutins with some of my favorite entrepreneurial girlfriends. I put together this shoot for a new amazing flash sale website called, which offers 55-80% off designer items. And you might be wondering, do Christian Louboutins fall under this website? Why yes they do hence why the photo shoot was all about fabulous women in these fabulous designer shoes. We had the photo shoot at the Cooper Square Hotel which is where I had my launch party last year for my collaboration with the Cooper and their mini-bars. Everything from the built-in bookcase to the chrome table tops screamed chic and modern and was perfect for the shoot. This photo shoot was unlike any I’ve planned before because it happened, well, in a matter of one week. After many emails, schedules and phone calls later, I finally got the models together(thankfully 2 of my ladies were in town). What was so refreshing about this particular ‘shoes only’ photo shoot was the simple fact that some of my dear friends joined me as the leg models to show off these gorgeous Christian Louboutins. They consisted of Tara Smith; celebrity hair stylist, Ami Ankin; producer/actor, Zoe Bell; actor/celebrity stunt woman, Lindsey Calla; fashion blogger, Samara D’Auria; fashion director for L&S, and last but not least Sari Wynne; the amazing photographer. These ladies brought so much energy to the shoot and with everyone being so busy, it’s hard to find time to meet up, so it was nice to just hang out with these amazing ladies for the day. Check out the pictures below from behind the scenes at the hotel and video. And for you special fans whom I love dearly and would not be where I am today without you, log in today at and use my special VIP code Stacy1 to gain access to the VIP section. This code is a limited time offer so sign up fast. The site is set to launch this week. Enjoy!

The beautiful CL’s all ready to go

Sari and her MALE assistant

Sari capturing the moments :)

Me and the ladies posing for Sari


  1. Daisy Deesh!!! I ❤ it!! xoxo


    Thanks Saucy and thanks my love Esther :)