Stop for a minute and help those less fortunate 5/27/10

May 27, 2010
The fashion industry can be quite chaotic to say the least, and its very easy to get wrapped up in the who, what and where. Who do you know at this party? What event am I missing by being here? Where is the pigs-in-the-blanket guy when you need him? It can be a lot to think about. :)

All joking aside, I am blessed that I can do what I love for a paycheck every single day. I know that not everyone is as fortunate and that there are people out there with real problems that need solving. I first met Patricia Velasquez a couple of years ago at a dinner with our mutual friend,
Tara Smith. We got to talking and, before I knew it, she agreed to serve as celebrity host for the YSC’s “In Living Pink” gala in 2009.

She was so enthusiastic to help and jumped right in without hesitation. On Thursday June 3rd, I will be returning the favor, attending the Wayuu Taya Foundation’s annual fundraiser to be held at Urban Zen to support Patricia’s amazing charity.

The Wayuu Taya Foundation is a non-profit organization organized to help improve the lives of Latin American indigenous people while maintaining and respecting their tradition, culture and beliefs. This year the foundation expanded its work to Haiti with the creation of the Help Haiti Hope initiative.

Please support this amazing charity by purchasing tickets here.
You can also visit their Facebook page for more information here.
Finally, follow Patricia on her twitter at @Wayuuprincess and the foundation at @Wayuutaya.


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