What is OLD is NEW again!

May 18, 2010
I am not sure if everyone knows that I created DEESH in 2001(google an oldie but goodie) a brand that I then changed the name to Boy Meets Girl® in ’07. DEESH is my nickname. I could not pronounce Stacy growing up so all my cousins and close friends and family call me DEESH. Thus, my DJ name DJ Daisy Deesh. I created the logo Boy Meets Girl® under Deesh and the logo became more noticeable then the name Deesh. Reason for name change.
But, today’s feature is not on DEESH or Boy Meets Girl® it is on what is old is new again. This past weekend I cleaned out all my design research papers and tears and found this. LONG skirt trends from 2000!

I have to give a shout out to my dear friend and the fabu Stylist Miss Ali Lang who rocks long dresses & skirts all the time. You are so on!

I have these tears from my research in 2000 when I was designing for Eli Tahari and starting my own line in my home. Guess what LONG skirts and Dresses are back in. I love this picture of the long skirt worn with kicks.

So of course I had to emulate this trend. I wore this outfit this past month and forgot to post it. It must have been for a reason.

top: gap
skirt: maxstudio vintage
belt: from Italy present from my awesome mother in law
headband: In God We trust
shoes: converse sneakers
camera: canon

So to all you getting ready to rock the summer make sure to get some long skirts and dresses to fit in!
Ode to 2000 & 2010!
Also you will find some great long skirts and dresses to rock this style on Envite.com. Make sure to use Stacy1 to gain VIP access. Site coming soon!

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  1. love this feature on long skirts that Michelle just emailed me. Perfect to go with my writeup above Check out this amazing blogger :)