Lambertville, NJ & New Hope, PA = ROME?!?

June 1, 2010

I'd been dropping not so subtle hints about Rome as the destination for weeks. For instance at dinner a few weeks ago, he asked me how my nephew played in his soccer game that I attended and I answered wit something like, "He was great because he would ROME around the goal all day." You know hints like that. Oh, and I also told him that I really, really, really wanted to go to Rome and left him little notes on the pillow and in his dopp kit.

Well, he did hear me and while he didn't take me to Rome (fingers crossed for next year) he took me to the next best thing -- New Hope, Pennsylvania and its sister-town across the bridge, Lambertville New Jersey. I know what you're thinking and, yeah, I wasn't too sure at first when DJBS told me where we were headed. But I trusted he knew what he was doing. And he did. We went antiquing, had breakfast on our terrace overlooking the town, strolled along the canal and Delaware River beside fragrant honeysuckle bushes, rode a 100 year old train through the forest, and dined like royalty in the most romantic settings every night.

Thank you, DJBS. I feel so lucky to have had this weekend to explore with you.

Can you tell the difference between these pictures below? Amazing right?

Rome Me in Lambertville, PA

Top: Boy Meets Girl® vision tunic

Bottom: Club Monaco shorts

Bag: All Saints

How about this OMG I cannot believe how much these pictures look alike.

Top picture: ROME

Middle Picture: restaurant in Lambertville, NJ called Hamilton Grill Room

Last Picture: restaurant in New Hope, PA called Zoubi’s

I was blown away by the food in these locations. I ate as much as I would have in Rome and the ambiance was gorgeous. I love outside seating with candle light settings. Amazing and crazy how similar in appearance right??

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Dinner/Cocktail Party Brunch BBQ (it was 100 degrees!)

Stay Tune for Part II from my getaway on Fudge, Henna Tattoos,Vintage & Live Music :)


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