The Perfect APP for me :) Good friends in the know. Hamptons dinner suggestions!

June 27, 2010
Thank you to my peeps who helped with some great suggestions on Friday when I needed a last minute answer on where to go out for a fun dinner with one of my single ladies in town from Los Angeles while staying in Hampton Bays/South Hampton.
Thank you Ladies & Gent's(see below) for being my App :) I don't have an iphone or ipad (yet) so I thought this was a helpful app for my blackberry lifestyle :) And it WORKED!
Nothing better then reaching out to good friends in the know :)

In Hamptons for the first time this summer! What's hot? Where should we go for dinner?

Kristen Bohem
Ummmmm we're bbq people but Beacon or Tutto in sag are our faves!
(thanks Kristen cannot wait to BBQ with you later this summer and def. want to try the 2 above we decided to stay local)

Andrew Goldberg
I'm in newport this weekend... should hit Dune and Savannah's..
(thanks Andrew. We listened to you and were looking for a chill spot with a great atmosphere. And Savannah's was Amazing!!! Our waitress was the best waitress I have had in years. We had to save our energy for my good friend Lauren & Eric's wedding. But, this summer for sure will get to Dune)

Esther Inc.
Georgica!! Have dinner then it turns to dancing
(Esther looks like have to head to Georgica with you next time. Wanted to go sooo bad. But, we needed our dancing feet for the wedding. But, looking forward to trying Georgica heard it is fantastic)

Aramis Zitu Alexander
I know is serafina just opened in east, and next to us is Phillip Chow.
I'll be there tomorrow evening but east. LilyPond.
(Thanks Aramis. Promise to get out to see you soon!)

This weekend I headed out to the Hampton's for an amazing Wedding weekend in Montauk for my dear friend from high school miss Lauren Locke. The wedding was out of this world(yes I did just use that phrase which reminds me of an old tv show which was called Out of this World lol! Hmm next design inspiration?) More to come on Laur & Eric's wedding inspirations and Montauk highlights later this summer :)