“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

June 9, 2010

I recently shot a picture of a stylish couple while out with DJ Blue Steel(you will see below). Every week I have brainstorming sessions with my assistant Michelle aka DJ London/Amazing and this picture led to ideas which then led to this post by DJ London. So today I give you a special guest post by my amazing assistant Michelle. Enjoy!

Were you ever inspired by a person, a photo or a past memory that you knew would come back to haunt you? I have a funny feeling that most of you have at one point in your life, but we’ll come back to that question. Let’s rewind to this past fall when I was traveling through Europe. As I walked down Oxford Street in London, I would stumble upon the most intriguing and adventurously stylish couples. They were dressed head to toe in the trendiest of trends and the best part of it all? They didn’t intentionally plan to look so stylish together, they just do.
Like relationships, clothes can bring out the best in someone and highlight their personality. Couples that dress fashionably alike complement each other and reflect their behaviors/individuality. Of course there are trendy single guys and dolls out there, but it is interesting to see what couples are wearing while hand in hand.
Today I present you with a fun question: Is it ok for couples to stylishly match each other when out in public?
With a newly purchased Nikon camera in tote, I set out to roam the streets of Chelsea to see if the London love scene traveled to NYC. Take a look and decide for yourself!
I spotted Austin & Zoe on Hudson Street. This couple was a flashback from the 60’s with Austin’s gingham collared button down and Zoe’s vintage Ray Ban sunglasses. Their style is effortless, minimal and not something they take seriously. When I asked them about their favorite place to shop, they both looked at each other and smiled, “We don’t really have a favorite store, we’ll only shop at consignment or thrift stores.”

Stacy spotted this preppy pair while at the Boat Basin and fell in love with their contrasting stripes and adorable boat shoes. It is hard not to notice the nautical duo (in a good way of course). Happy Sailing!

As my search continued, I began to wonder, is a couples attraction for each other fueled by their personal style? Do couples start dressing similarly after awhile? If so why is that? One of the trends I noticed a lot is nautical stripes (you can see that three are wearing this classic print). What is so great about stripes is that they look good on both men and women. They are flattering, fun, and very chic when paired with the right accessories.



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