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July 28, 2010
Old School?

New School?


my Midnight Creative juices.... Jean-Seberg


July 22, 2010

Dreams do come true...Opah can u here me

Moret Purchases Boy Meets Girl - Fashion Markets News -

Moret Purchases Boy Meets Girl - Fashion Markets News -

one of those late nights....and I am so grateful

July 21, 2010
I am looking forward to updating you all on my journey and the exciting news on me & Boy Meets Girl(R)...while preparing for the future. I am reflecting on the past. Shout out to one of my fav's Liz from Late Afternoon. Thanks for this feature on mwa months ago...looking forward to our future collaborations.

night night. promise heading to bed now dj blue steel :)

Check out my Q&A with Chicago publicist David Nobel

July 16, 2010

I recently got a chance to head back to sweet home Chicago. My DjDaisyDeesh blog is all about my journey in the fashion industry and the amazing people I meet or have met who inspire me and keep me living my dream as a fashion designer/brand ambassador/creative director. I get the opportunity to make a DJ mix of incredible inspiring artists and share it with you. To me that = Bliss. I love finding inspiring people from my home town CHICAGO (I am in NYC building my empire but OPRAH I am working hard to give CHICAGO the recognition when I find it ..Hope you hear me & maybe I can sit on your couch before your show ends :)) Remember THINK SAY DO!

Here is my 6 degrees of separation on how I met the amazing David Nobel. For my Spring 2010 campaign look book called Boy Meets Musician Girl (can check out here) one of the amazing artists featured was Eunice 'Zera' Quiñones (twitter @EunicitaQ) with Dorian Grey( twitter @NickSlay) .

Through Zera & Nick ... David Nobel was introduced to me. And it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Chicago's amazing Publicist David Nobel (you can follow David on twitter here @davidakadin)

1. What is the most rewarding and most challenging part of being a publicist?

Personally for me I love to see the pitches become media placements if they are blogs, TV, radio or online. I respect all media on the same level. Maybe it’s because I came from the other side, meaning editorial, as I was the Executive Editor of The PUB Report, for about 8 years. That is where I made all my contacts with publicists all across the nation and then In 2007 I became their colleague when I launched DLN Marketing Communications and Consulting – DLN MCC.

I would say the most challenging thing about publicity is the initial pitch especially when you are trying to sell a media person a story about your client. I love challenges and I love taking something no one knows anything about and making it news worthy to media. Many don’t realize press is an important component in a new campaign. Any product whether it be a new recording artist, new product launch, a play, book or whatever, needs to be positioned through aggressive grassroot efforts so they can brand themselves within the marketplace. It’s very key and crucial to have that element but a dynamic marketing plan needs to be in place along with other factors.

2. You mentioned some great places to check out stylists and stores in Chicago? Please give some favorites you like? vintage spots etc?

Chicago is a hidden sleeper spot when it comes to anything fashion because we are a Midwestern city. But don’t let that fool you because there are some extremely talented stylists and designers who have emerged and have worked with some great celebrity clients outside of the market. Check out Law Roach, Kevin Hill aka FlyNerd, and Siobhan Strong just to name a few. In regards to shops and boutiques, there are plenty and some of my favorites include: Deliciously Vintage, PHLI, Leaders, Akira and even Plato’s Closet where you can truly get a bargain on contemporary clothing.

3. Chicago is a great place to live, where do you like to go on the weekends? Restaurant, club? I like lounges because you can relax and in the Summer I like to go to the Wit, on the rooftop. But when I am in the mood for a club, I will go to Lumen, Sound Bar, Sunda and Enclave but there are other hotspots that I will venture to.

4. What is your favorite fashion staple? I am simple. I love jeans especially distressed or ripped jeans (not exaggerated), classic white shirt or oxford, loafers suede or leather. Also I like T-Shirts that have a statements or a picture of an icon especially music artists. I have some with 2Pac, Method Man, Bob Marley and Janet from her Infamous cover Janet.

5. Tell us more about some of the clients you represent?

  • Drew Sidora is an all-around entertainer and entrepreneur who has enormous talent and is just the beginning with her career as she has released her debut singles to the world.

  • FlyNerd AKA Kevin Hill is an extremely creative and gifted designer and stylist who is very visionary for the future of fashion.
  • Mary Datcher is a marketing music maven that has artist management , record promotions and events planning experience. She produces a huge music conference called Global Mixx and an industry mixer called Collabo. (

Thank you David. Stay tune for my future collaborations with David and some of his clients.
Have a Beautiful Weekend. -DjDaisyDeesh-Aka Stacy

Wayúu Tayá Mochila stylish bags for a great cause!

July 13, 2010

I have a collection of these handmade Wayúu Tayá bags and was so excited to recently see coverage on them in WWD & the NY Times (you beat me to my post). Make sure to grab one this summer as they are beautiful and handmade and the proceeds from the sale of these bags benefit the Wayuú indigenous people. The bags are hand-made by Wayuú indigenous women at Shukumajaya, the foundation's women center that helps educate women on parenting and nutrition, family planning and hygiene. All bag items are one-of-kind, unless noted in the description. to purchase these amazing handmade bags please click here.

Information on Wayúu Tayá:
1. see my recent post on the amazing Patricia Velasquez click here
2. The Wayúu Tayá Foundation is a 501(c)3 non governmental, nonprofit organization founded in 2002 to help improve the lives of Latin-American indigenous communities while maintaining and respecting their traditions, culture and beliefs. Click here to learn more about the organization.
3. You can also follow the Wayúu Tayá Facebook here.
4. follow Patricia on her twitter at @Wayuuprincess & the foundation at @Wayuutaya.
5. You can check out more on the recent 7th Annual Wayúu Tayá Gala Event here
and fun pictures of me and Patricia and the amazing guests who attended the Gala here.
a. Wire Image
b. Contactmusic
c. Contactmusic
d. Getty Images
e. Getty Images

6. And not only have I been rocking these amazing bags but also Katy Perry. Check it out here

xo and thanks for spreading the love. Stacy

DIY Jewelry Organizer

July 6, 2010
The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.-Marcus Aurelius

On my recent Birthday(this past May) Dj Michelle (my amazing assistant) gave me a very special note and a beautiful china set with butterflies all over. Dj Michelle and I have weekly creative sessions(very important!) and each week we discuss new ideas for different projects going on in the world of After receiving my amazing vintage china set we discussed how china can be used in many ways. So today I give you DIY Jewelry Organizer extraordinaire miss DJ Michelle. Cheers, Dj Daisy Deesh

putting all your jewelry back onto your dresser in an organized and neat manner after this Holiday weekend.

Dj Michelle results-
In an effort to change it up a bit, I decided to do a little DIY project with my jewelry collection and finally organize it.

My mom has these gorgeous vintage china tea cups that I instantly fell in love with. Anything vintage makes my heart leap a beat(as well as Dj Daisy Deesh's) and the delicate flower designs are a definitely a plus.
The blue tea cup is the perfect shape for my watch to fit around it.

These pearls and pink tea cup add a touch of girly-girl to my usually laid back style.

Rings are by far one of my favorite pieces to wear, and this plate is great for holding all of them.

This is my favorite tea cup because of the gorgeous yellow and blue print. I added the maroon toned necklaces to give it an extra pop.

Next time you need to organize your books, cd's, scarves, etc. look for things around the house you can use. You never know what you might find! xo,Michelle

4th of July 2010 Inspiration-Fashion Icon Ali MacGraw

July 2, 2010

Movie Goodbye Columbus

Align Center

--> Movie The Getaway

Movie Goodbye Columbus

I found the below picture in my research on Ali MacGraw. I had a recent post that was called what is old is new again. This picture is from Glamour UK Sept08 by Chris Craymer and from a blog post by wishxoxo posted on 10.11.09

-->called I Wish I Was… Channeling Ali McGrawI think this picture really captures the feeling of Ali McGraw and the style for this 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!
Red, White & Blue!
Stripes & Stars!