DIY Jewelry Organizer

July 6, 2010
The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.-Marcus Aurelius

On my recent Birthday(this past May) Dj Michelle (my amazing assistant) gave me a very special note and a beautiful china set with butterflies all over. Dj Michelle and I have weekly creative sessions(very important!) and each week we discuss new ideas for different projects going on in the world of After receiving my amazing vintage china set we discussed how china can be used in many ways. So today I give you DIY Jewelry Organizer extraordinaire miss DJ Michelle. Cheers, Dj Daisy Deesh

putting all your jewelry back onto your dresser in an organized and neat manner after this Holiday weekend.

Dj Michelle results-
In an effort to change it up a bit, I decided to do a little DIY project with my jewelry collection and finally organize it.

My mom has these gorgeous vintage china tea cups that I instantly fell in love with. Anything vintage makes my heart leap a beat(as well as Dj Daisy Deesh's) and the delicate flower designs are a definitely a plus.
The blue tea cup is the perfect shape for my watch to fit around it.

These pearls and pink tea cup add a touch of girly-girl to my usually laid back style.

Rings are by far one of my favorite pieces to wear, and this plate is great for holding all of them.

This is my favorite tea cup because of the gorgeous yellow and blue print. I added the maroon toned necklaces to give it an extra pop.

Next time you need to organize your books, cd's, scarves, etc. look for things around the house you can use. You never know what you might find! xo,Michelle