August 30, 2010

Working late night but all worth it!

August 25, 2010
so many exciting things coming and cannot stop. the energy is beautiful. but i continue to work into the wee hours of the night so i can bring you the BEST! Balance will come after FASHION WEEK. Excited to update you on all the pieces!

until then....

Chicago Fashion Designer, Stacy Igel of Boy Meets Girl - Chicago Fashion Designers

Chicago Fashion Designer, Stacy Igel of Boy Meets Girl - Chicago Fashion Designers

to tattoo or not tattoo that is the question?

a few year ago my screen printer sent me this picture of someone rockin my logo as their tattoo.
I was in shock boy meets girl(R) made it to a tattoo. Now that Chanel has made fake tattoo's cool (even though I thought they were always cool) this Boy Meets Girl(R) real tattoo is even more cool.
I have been contemplating getting a tattoo for years. Is it time?

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082210 The Transformation

August 22, 2010

2am Polyvore always makes me Happy! Even at 2am!

August 18, 2010
too late to remember when I first discovered polyvore. I think it was Dec.2007. I remember meeting with my Cosmo editor and telling her all about polyvore and i think she looked at me as if I was speaking a foreign language. 3 years later and Polyvore is hot! And what excites me about the site is that the moments when I can check it out (like now at 2am) a new Boy Meets Girl(R) collage is formed!!! So tonight I give you what I have found done using Boy Meets Girl(R) products by talented individuals. Thank you for inspiring me and keeping my energy alive. It truly is a dream. Each set, email, letter, tweet, fb note keeps me moving. To all of you for your positive energy and believing in the brand I have built from scratch. xo, Stacy

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Forever Kate Moss & Johnny Depp

August 15, 2010

I met Kate Moss & Johnny Depp when I was a senior in High School at a charity event in NYC (you can do the math). They are two of my favorite fashion icons. They continue to inspire me. Thank you!

Thanks UsWeekly for the mention :)

August 11, 2010
It is always nice to get a shout out in one of my fav magazines :) especially mentioned with one of my favorite designers and inspirations :)

my Midnight Creative juices....getting excited for #NYFW

August 10, 2010