Boy Meets the city that never sleeps Girl

September 12, 2010
stayed home today/tonight with Dj blue steel. Only night to rest before Sept.14th runway show!!! We were invited to a lot of #NYFW parties but just could not leave the house.
Dj blue steel even asked me would you go out if Jonny Depp wanted to meet you. I could not believe my answer ...i actually said no. Today this really did happen to me. I could have met one of my favorite icons ...SEAN LENNON & many more I will keep hush hush for now. But, I need this day to chill out and BREATHE. And I am so grateful I did so with my man. A beautiful Saturday indeed (only problem is I cannot sleep).
Tomorrow starts in the office...with the girls from HollyWire ..they are coming to interview me in the new eco-chic office...9:30am ahh. What to wear? ahh.
Then at 11am I will be heading to the Chictopia10 conference where Boy Meets Girl(R) is the official sponsor of the exclusive Fashion Week tote bag. So excited to see Late Afternoon & Saucy Glossie and the Chictopia Team and of course everyone else attending. And excited to capture the stylish set rockin my totebags :)
until then...


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