DIY Halloween Costume-Featuring Boy Meets Girl®!

October 29, 2010
With Halloween just around the corner, Boy Meets Girl(R) wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween! Now, we know there are a couple of procrastinators out there who haven't even begun to find their costumes so we would like to help you out with a fun DIY costume feature! One Boy Meets Girl(R) fan and featured guest for this blog is Emily, Michelle's(DJ London aka my brilliant PR assistant) little sister will show you what it takes to create a last minute costume- Geek Chic!

All it takes is just 6 simple items-Here is a list of what you will need & check out Emily below modeling the costume!
3. High waist shorts
4. Suspenders
5. Boy Meets Girl(R) knee high socks
6. Converse

A lot of these items are probably already in your closet! So hurry up and start creating!

The end result? A stylish bookworm who is chic but a geek at heart ;)

I hope everyone has an amazing & safe weekend full of candy, parties, crazy costumes and of course a bit of Boy Meets Girl(R)!



Thank you DJ London and Emily for helping to put this piece together.

My past PolyVore sets...more to come :)

My Midnight Creative juices....Travel inspiration series 2

Photo taken in Paris via the Droid
Inspiration: red gloves, belt as a layering piece, cozy winter beret, trench coat

Boy Meets FashionSheSays Girl followup

October 27, 2010
this past week I did a post as seen here

check out Becca's post on her blog about her recent visit and her rocking out Boy Meets Girl(R). Love this post and I know you will too!

Enter to win a Boy Meets Girl® Young Survival Coalition tote bag!

October 26, 2010
Hey everyone! I have some exciting news to share - we are currently redoing the Boy Meets Girl (R)website, but we need a little help from all of you! Please fill out the online questionnaire posted here (shouldn't take to long, I promise!) We will be giving away the Boy Meets Girl(R) Young Survival Coalition tote bags, that we are currently selling at Urban Outfitters, to five randomly selected participants. I will also sign and personalize the bag :). Don't forget to enter your E-mail address at the end in order to be entered for the tote bag giveaway! Thanks so much all for all of your support and feedback!



We will announce the five lucky winners on Monday Nov. 15th- so hurry up and fill out the survey!

My Midnight Creative juices....Travel inspiration series 1

Decided will get you excited for my Fall 2011 collection before you can even buy my Spring 2011 collection. That is the process. As designers we are always onto the next season. Sometimes I do not even know what day it is because I am already 6 months ahead. And sometimes I don't even get a chance to just embrace the collection that I have just designed. So a few things I promise as we approach 2011.
1. I will make sure to stop and treasure and wear all the new amazing pieces from my Spring 2011 collection that me and my DJ team worked very hard on.
2. I will make sure to post Boy Meets Girl(R) outfits in Fall 2011 that come from the pictures I will be posting this year.


One to Watch: Boy Meets FashionSheSays Girl!

October 22, 2010
This week I had the pleasure of meeting Becca-the fashion blogger of FashionSheSays after several months of trying to get together. I stumbled upon Becca's blog ages ago via a great website called tweetmybag. I have written about this in my past posts so I might be repeating myself... but I LOVE when I find someone whether it be a celebrity, artist, or a person walking down the street rocking my brand Boy Meets Girl ®! So I was so excited to see Becca rocking her Boy Meets Girl® tote.

As we got to talking, Becca mentioned that she worked at Olive & Bette's which is one of the stores where I first launched my line. What a small world huh? Her personal style is whimsical and vintage chic, and totally adorable. I am very excited that Becca will be collaborating on projects with me & my brand Boy Meets Girl® in the future, but for now it will have to remain a secret ;)

Learn about Becca Below :)

1. Why did you begin your blog, FashionSheSays?

-I began my blog, FashionSheSays to document my life through clothing & share my outfits/inspirations everyday. FashionSheSays is a confection of Cher's closet in Clueless, Noah K Everyday (an ever-evolving self-portrait wherein the artist photographed himself everyday), Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series & Michel de Montaigne's Essays (the source for my stream-of-conscious thoughts of fashion, art, literature).

2. What's your must-have for this fall season?

-My must-have this fall is a shearling jacket- 3.1 Phillip Lim has a lovely beige version this season. I buy a new coat every year because I wear one each day to combat the cold. It's sartorially stimulating to have the option to switch it up as sometimes a coat is the only part of an outfit people see.

3. What's your favorite part of being a blogger?

-My favorite part about being a blogger is giving & taking inspiration from other fashion bloggers worldwide-it's both instant gratification & makes the style world seem smaller & cozier.

4. What's your favorite store to shop at?

-Bergdorf Goodman is my favorite store in the world...I've been shopping & lunching there with my mom since I was a little girl. I adore the impeccably curated clothing, the best shoe department I've ever experienced & the beauty salon.

5. What's one piece of clothing or accessory you can't live without?

-I can't live without the three antique gold rings my mom gifted me on seminal birthdays: a pearl & sapphire flower ring (18th birthday), a pearl ring (21st birthday) & a diamond signet ring (25th birthday).

Below is the image Becca used on her blog(and the one I found of her) and Me and Becca at my Boy Meets Girl(R) office-Becca is sporting the Boy Meets Girl x Urban Outfitters x YSC tote bag on sale now!

Look out for more collaborations with stylish bloggers and other amazing entrepreneurs who continue to inspire me everyday!