Boy Meets BullyBust Girl

October 17, 2010
Last Year reached out to me to design a t-shirt for their campaign. I was very excited about this opportunity and of course could not say no. I wanted to make their message STRONG (as it is important to me when I take on a project to give it 100% +++).
So I reached to my friend celebrity actress Sammi Hanratty to help raise awareness with me and educate others to STAND UP TO BULLYING in SCHOOLS. It was a perfect partnership as Sammi played the American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong actress in their DVD that came with each doll. See here.
I also brought on Bloomingdales to host an event with Sammi and Me and my brand Boy Meets Girl(R) on Sept.11th, 2009 in NYC. Together the girls from, Sammi, Bloomingdales and I joined forces to bring awareness to fight bullying in schools. campaign is designed to help schools reduce bullying and promote up-stander behavior.

Make sure to check out to learn more about their amazing organization and follow them on facebook and twitter.
Also here are some great links of Sammi speaking about and other pictures from last year. Check out the links here.
Just Jared Jr.
Just Jared Jr.
Youtube of Sammi
Youtube of Sammi2
Youtube of Sammi3
Youtube of Sammi4

Below is a picture taken from this year's The National School Climate Center (NSCC) annual benefit. Each year the NSCC picks one school to recognize and highlight the specific efforts of students within the community. These students were from PS 155 in Queens and were honored for their outstanding efforts to improve school climate. I loved the girls being honored and their energy. 
Thank you for letting me capture you here ;)


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