DIY Halloween Costume-Featuring Boy Meets Girl®!

October 29, 2010
With Halloween just around the corner, Boy Meets Girl(R) wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween! Now, we know there are a couple of procrastinators out there who haven't even begun to find their costumes so we would like to help you out with a fun DIY costume feature! One Boy Meets Girl(R) fan and featured guest for this blog is Emily, Michelle's(DJ London aka my brilliant PR assistant) little sister will show you what it takes to create a last minute costume- Geek Chic!

All it takes is just 6 simple items-Here is a list of what you will need & check out Emily below modeling the costume!
3. High waist shorts
4. Suspenders
5. Boy Meets Girl(R) knee high socks
6. Converse

A lot of these items are probably already in your closet! So hurry up and start creating!

The end result? A stylish bookworm who is chic but a geek at heart ;)

I hope everyone has an amazing & safe weekend full of candy, parties, crazy costumes and of course a bit of Boy Meets Girl(R)!



Thank you DJ London and Emily for helping to put this piece together.


  1. She's so cute!! Geek chic is definitely a fun and easy outfit to put together! I'm one of those last minute people this Halloween LOL I'm scrambling to put my pirate costume together. Sigh, not enough hours in a day I tell you! Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!

    Le sigh...such gorgeous pieces from Alexander McQueen. Your Mariah reference made me LOL! Not gonna lie, I still love Butterfly and her, too hehe! Okay, seriously LOVE that jacket! Never thought of a ruffled hem on a military coat! The stole is amazing, too! I think I need one in my life;) Have a great weekend, Chloe!

    P.S. LOVE the outfit snapshot below from ur travel series! I'm feeling an inspired outfit in the works, but most likely straight up copy it piece per piece lol;)

  2. Thanks Owl's Closet. Emily showed off Geek Chic perfectly ;) Looking forward to seeing your pirate costume. I ended up being Blake Lively from Gossip Girl. It was fun being a blond ;)
    Also I am happy to hear you liked my snapshot from my travel series. When I shot that photo (series 2) I was so inspired by her whole look. She has the "IT" look. Hope you had a wonderful halloween :)