Gathering my inspirations together for Fall 2011!

October 1, 2010

I cannot believe it is time to design another season. Yes I just had a runway show and the clothes are not even in stores yet(but will be soon and will let you know where available soon!)...and I have been traveling in Europe (London & Paris) first time in 12 years(incredible! a dream indeed!) to get inspired and put together my Fall 2011 collection. Let's just say I did not stop. 24 hours a day for 10 days straight. Walking the streets , visiting stores, meeting with editors, meeting with buyers, attending fashion week shows/parties & Isabella Blow's book launch..the list goes on. I am trying to put it all together(and hope to have more postings for you all to see soon). This weekend is all about my mood boards and concepts and inspiration so I can sit with my Dj team and start the Fall 2011 collectioin. So I give you this picture of a girl I saw in London getting this done to her feet. Yes it is supposed to be good for your feet. I did not try it. But, let's just say I do need some fish to eat away at my feet right now. More to come. xo Dj Daisy Deesh aka me Stacy


  1. i wonder if the fish pedicure really works...

  2. me too! I didn't get a chance to do one but was dying too. The ladies who were getting it done seemed to be in heaven ;)