Keeping calm during the madness :)

January 18, 2011

I took this picture a while ago. Actually June 2008. Three years ago!
I made it to a special place with DJ Blue Steel after a very bad car accident. We both survived the crash and even though I was rushed to the hospital I left the hospital that night with no internal problems(a miracle indeed) just external black and blue marks and DJ Blue Steel was completely unmarked(double miracle). Time flies by so fast and sometimes you just have to breathe. I left the hospital that night and made sure Dj Blue Steel and I still went to our final destination via train(as our car was totaled so couldn't get back in it). We took the train and when we got to this sacred place that we were meant to go to ...I found this Labyrinth and thought I should share to you all when we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed.



  1. such a good post. glad you're okay. & that's such good advice as I've been feeling super overwhelmed on the reg.. I'll definitely take a time out to reflect. x

  2. Thank you so much for posting this- I'm going thru a lot right now- It gave me a bit of peace when I read it-