Boy Meets Catching Up Girl...

February 23, 2011

Picture taken on my London Travels. This was shot in Leicester UK.

Hey All,
Sorry for my delay in updating my blog. As you all know last week was one of the biggest weeks of my career. I cannot believe how fast it all goes by. 24 hours of prepping for my first OWN New York Fashion Week show for the past 6 weeks straight and now with the blink of an eye it is all over. I have so much to share with you about Feb.15th, 2011 and I promise I will over the course of this week and next week. For now make sure to check out the video coverage from the show here I loved having Natasha Bedingfield open the show. She is and was AMAZING! (and I promise to have more behind the seams with us too!). Also at the same time the show was taking place I also launched my new website So do let me know how you like my tips and midnight inspirations :) And I am sooo excited my new E-Commerce site will be launching at the end of March along with a very special announcement prior to that. So yes you can see myself and my Boy Meets Girl(R) team have been busy bees!
More to come soon.

Picture taken in Leicester UK (one of the inspirations for my Fall 2011 collection)