Bill Cunningham on Fashion!

March 30, 2011
I will report on all my feelings after I saw Bill's documentary last night later tonight.
Need time on my post. So for now I leave you with his quote that summed up everything for me!
”Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life. I don’t think you could do away with it. It would be like doing away with civilization.” -Bill Cunningham
photographer Bill Cunningham at work.

Boy Meets Day to Night Outfit Girl

March 29, 2011
Today I have a jam packed schedule of meetings(literally every 1/2 hour), emails and of course the day to day agenda. With no time to run home and change for a night out to see Bill Cunningham's new documentary with Dj Blue Steel(so excited!) and after party with my friends from Dossier Magazine(cannot wait for both!), I decided to wear this outfit which will easily take me from day to night.

Photo taken by Dj Blue Steel with my new DROID THUNDERBOLT (yes photo quality better then my blackberry indeed. And I was able to edit from my camera and make this fancy border ya!)
Top: Lush
Vest: Boy Meets Girl(R)
Shorts: Margaret Loves
Leggings/Tights: Bloomingdales Aqua
Shoes: Libertas
Background drawing: by DJ London(my amazing assistant who drew that picture of me)

Testing my new droid thunderbolt!!! Test123

Constant updates and more to come...

March 27, 2011
Hey guys,
I have been working on many updates and it seems that I am continually updating something(my websites and my new e-commerce website (coming soon), my twitter accounts @stacyigel & @boymeetsgirlusa, my facebook pages stacyigel & boymeetsgirl etc..) to keep you updated on what is happening around me and my brand Boy Meets Girl(R). Yes there is a lot to keep up with and sometimes it is overwhelming but I enjoy every moment and I love all of your feedback on each step of the way. I would love to know what you think of my new Stacy Igel website. I will be updating this site twice a month. Let me know how you like these two sections. xo Stacy

1. My Top 5 tips

2. My Midnight Inspirations

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

There might be Snow here in NYC but made sure to bring color to my wardrobe and the sun came out!

March 24, 2011

Edited photos using ;)
Photos taken by Dj Blue Steel with my Blackberry
Sweater: Banana Republic
Orange Shirt: Richard Nicoll
Denim: Genetic Jeans
Pin: Boy Meets Girl(R) coming soon on my new e-commerce website!
Bracelet: Vintage
Rings: From Venice
Watch: Hamilton Vintage (Dj Blue Steel's grandfather's is broken but i like it that way)

Keep Calm and Keep Moving (picture taken on Europe inspiration trip 2011)

March 22, 2011
Fabric Mill in Leicester UK with my good friend and celebrity hair stylist Miss Tara Smith

Boy Meets Museum Weekend Girl at FIT!

March 20, 2011

I would like to start this out by giving a standing ovation to the amazing curator of the Museum at FIT, Valerie Steele, and her amazing team. You can learn more about Valerie here.

Somehow, I neglected to visit the museum after speaking to the students at FIT about my brand, Boy Meets Girl®, a few months ago. In fact, I had NEVER been to the museum before!  It is so important to make sure you take a moment out of your busy life to experience the culture of your surroundings, wherever and whatever that might be.  There's a lot of talent out there to inspire you...

Anyway, when I heard that the Vivienne Westwood exhibit would be showing at the Museum at FIT, I knew I had to go see it before it closed on April 2nd. I studied in London for a year while also working for English designer, Zandra Rhodes. That's where I first learned of Vivienne Westwood and fell in love with her work. So I was eager to get myself over to FIT and dragged DJ Blue Steel with me.  It was truly amazing. When I got to the Museum I saw the two other exhibits showing there first, saving Vivienne Westwood for my fashion dessert! Below, a recap in order of how I saw them.

Very close to my heart (I love mixing menswear accents into my daily styling and into Boy Meets Girl®). And DJ Blue Steel enjoyed this too because he got a chance to see men’s clothing lol!

My Cliff’s Note: His & Hers compares men’s and women’s clothing from the 19th century to the present, highlighting their differences-and their similarities.

Highlights for me:
-Flappers were not simply a reflection of women's liberation; rather, they actually contributed to a new perception of women and, eventually, a new reality.
-Coco Chanel was extremely influential during the 20's and 30's.

Sportsmaker (Tom Brigance)
His amazing polka dot sateen jumper - you know I am the jumper girl - was a piece I was immediately drawn to. To my great surprise and dismay, I'd never heard of this designer. It was exciting to see his work and learn about someone new (at least to me). I couldn’t take a picture and cannot find so you will have to see in person. But, I did find a great piece of his here at yumyumvintage.
Another designer that I fell in love with but had never heard of!  You know I love wearing and designing jumpers and shorts so when I walked into the room and saw these shorts (hot pants actually) they were calling my name. Again no picture available but definitely worth it to head down and see these hot pants!

Calvin Klein
Women’s velvet jumpsuit 
Interesting fact talking about the unisex of jumpsuits!
Picture not available

My Cliff’s Note: This is the first exhibition to explore contemporary Japanese fashion in all its radical creativity, from high fashion to street style.

Highlights for me:
Comme Des Garcons (Rei Kawakubo)
Highlight: Black leather jacket/ballerina ensemble
Picture from FIT website


Undercover (Jun Takashi)
Highlight: OBSESSED! with this laser skull black wool felt cut out dress
No picture available so make sure to check out!
Han Ahn Soon
Mondrian Hello Kitty Dress in sequins
I heart Hello Kitty big time, and this dress is just cool and playful. I would rock it.
No picture available so make sure to check out!

h.NAOTO (Hirooka Naoto)
Vintage lace dress with toy necklaces and stuffed animals. Gothic Lolita dress ensemble.
Picture from FIT website

3)DRUMROLL... I finally made it to the Vivienne Westwood  Exhibit!!

My Cliff’s Note: Vivienne Westwood is known for her untraditional approach to fashion and taking tradition into the future.

Highlights for me:
The "Statue of Liberty" dress from her Autumn Time Machine collection
Leather, synthetic lame, silk tulle
I would like to rock this in several different colorways! Can you hear me Vivienne ;)
Picture from FIT website

Vivienne Westwood collaborated with the band Bow Wow Wow and dressed the artists from the band for their famously kitchy video, “I Want Candy”. This was first introduced on MTV in 1982.
*As you know, I love collaborating with musicians and I was intrigued to see how Vivienne Westwood did the same*
Picture from FIT website

The Museum at FIT info below:
Location: Seventh Avenue at 27th St. New York, NY, 10001
Hours: Tues-Fri: 12pm-8pm & Sat: 10am-5pm

Boy Meets Friday Girl...check out below ;) To a creative Weekend!

March 18, 2011

This week Steph Wan (editorial assistant) at
contacted me regarding this amazing magazine and if I would be interested in featuring some of their exclusive photos on my blog. I got a chance to check out Glass Magazine's website and mantra and I was SOLD.
Glass magazine aims to bring integrity and guardianship to creative culture, by providing access to the genuinely inspiring adventures in fashion, art, music and design that allow us to further imagine and create. 
 To  find out where to purchase the magazine check it out here
also make sure to follow glass here on facebook & twitter 

Sadie May(one of my models on my recent shoot) just made my Day...

March 17, 2011

I hope everyone is having a great day. I received this package today from Sadie May one of the amazing models on my recent 2 day photo shoot for the launch of my e-commerce website for my brand Boy Meets Girl(R). Sadie was supposed to shoot 2 days with me but on the 2nd day we never saw Sadie. We were very concerned and reached out to Sadie this week to make sure she was ok. Luckily she was but last Friday she left her purse in a cab and lost her phone/wallet etc etc etc. Below is the letter from Sadie to me and my team here at Boy Meets Girl(R). This is why I love what I do even if I work a million hours a day. I know I am doing something right when I get an amazing letter like below. Enjoy. And thank you so much Sadie May for being an incredible person and amazing model to work with. Look out for Sadie soon on


here are tidbits from her letter
"I want to thank you Stacy, Michelle( my assistant) , everyone at BMG, thank y'all so much for such an awesome opportunity and experience. I had so much fun at this shoot, working with this team, and it truely was that, a TEAM. Everyone was just so cool and so great and talented and so warm and welcoming. It was a family-like atmosphere and the whole day just kicked ass! It was a REFRESHING feeling in the midst of my city transition. Last, I had planned to give y'all these(bracelets) the last day of shooting but since I was unable to, it is still important to me that you get them. When I first emailed Michelle about the casting I briefly explained my story and my "brazelets". They are the reason I made it to NYC and I will continue to make and pass them along to remind everyone to always "blaze your OWN path". I admire Stacy, and this line so much because of the MESSAGE it sends and everything it is, in and outside of fashion. Since, I lost Michelle's number, I felt like good o'l fashion mail would be more personal than an email. I hope it was. Sadie May"

And yes miss Sadie May your o'l fashion mail meant the world to us all.
As you stated "blaze your OWN path"
Thank you!

p.s. thank you also for the amazing music mix. We have been listening to it all day here in the office.

Happy St. Patty's Day! Wanted to share one of my favorite new bands with you :)


Thanks Jared for the amazing recommendation

Day 2 team shot from last weeks photoshoot. Love this shot! Thank you!

March 15, 2011

PicNik, Polyvore...I am addicted. What's next?

March 14, 2011
My New Year's Eve Whistle :) Love playing with know I have loved Polyvore before anyone knew about it. Now what to do..just discovered PicNik and it is like an easy Photoshop. It is AMAZING. So great for young designers to have fun with. Love playing with my Boy Meets Girl(R) logo and being creative with ideas to go inside the logo. will keep you posted on an idea I am thinking about for you all to play with.  So many excited.. xx Stacy

 Below are sets I  found of amazing girls using my Boy Meets Girl(R) totebags in their sets. Amazing! love!
I love seeing the different perspectives of where you all would use my totebags :) Keep them coming!!!

Back to School

Back to School by Mαятч Joиαs.} ♥ featuring a knit tote bag

Below is my springtime piece:) Shirt is sold out but more amazing shirts to come very soon on :) 

Day 2- Boy Meets Girl® product shoot!

March 12, 2011
Hey guys!

Now that I've had some time to relax after 2 days of creative directing/styling the Boy Meets Girl® product shoot, I can update you on day 2 of the shoot! As mentioned before, day 1 was amazing;
the team was a huge help and everything went extremely smooth.

Day 2 was a little more difficult, since we were all exhausted from the prior day, but what was Amazing about Day 2 was when I walked in to the studio at 8:30am everyone was already there and call time was 9am! So I knew it was going to a successful productive day. And it was!  Everyone's hard work and long hours pulled it off. On Day 2, the amazing Ali Lang co-styled with me. I love working with Ali. Thank you Ali.

We couldn't have asked for a better photographer, Javier Oddo was fantastic. His "eye" for a shot and how he captures a look is remarkable! Obviouslyyyy I wanted to share some photos with you also, before they are on the website :) Again, had some time to play around on Picnik to edge them up even more!


I snapped these pics on my Blackberry between shots, absolutely love them :-) This Spring/Summer 2011 collection has been one of favorites thus far, from having it walk down the NYFW runway last September to shooting an amazing campaign video, it has all been a dream!

Not only does my new website launch, but we hope to also have a surprise for you on March 31st! :-)

Have a great weekend
xo Stacy

p.s. Thank you again to the whole crew from Day 1 & Day 2 for helping me make this an incredible shoot.

Day 1: Boy Meets Girl® Spring/Summer 2011 Photo Shoot captured on Video :)

March 11, 2011

Thank you team Day 1 and Team Day 2 (we didn't have time to video day 2 thank you the rest of the crew for being amazing). I will recap more later. As you can see from Day 1...I am very tired. So more to come next week. Boy Meets Weekend Girl. Until then.

Day 1- Boy Meets Girl® product shoot!

March 10, 2011
Hey all!

Today was day 1 of a 2 day shoot we have for the Boy Meets Girl(R) e-commerce website! I can't even describe how excited I am for the new & improved to launch March 31st! Not only is the design & layout completely revamped, but you'll finally be able to shop the Spring/Summer 2011 collection online!!!

We started our day at 8:45am, which was a little rough, but exciting. Again, I was amazed at the ARMY that showed up to help. From hairstylists, to assistants we had so much help to make this shoot amazing. You guys are the absolute best, this would not be possible without you all! (Don't worry, tomorrow we will be posting a behind-the-scenes video we shot all day)

Around lunchtime my good friend Kat De Luna stopped by, which really made my day! She is heading out on a new tour in France, and has asked me to style her with some Boy Meets Girl(R).  It was great to hang out and chat for a little amidst the shoot.

8pm and I'm exhausted, yet I still had time to play around with a few photos from today ;)  Is anyone else as obsessed with Picnik as me? Here are some photos I snapped behind-the-scenes today.

Kat De Luna & I

Hope you guys like them! All these pieces will be available on our website March 31st! :)
Special thanks to our amazing Photographer Javier Oddo!
Xo Stacy

ps- Check back tomorrow for an amazinggg behind-the-scenes video!

Boy Meets Preppy With A Twist Girl :)

March 9, 2011
From Top:
Sweater: Vintage Old Navy
Tank Top: UO
Dress: Acne
Tights: Boy meets Girl(R)
Socks: Steve Madden
Shoes: Seychelles for Boy Meets Girl(R)
Jewelry: Vintage
Rings: curtious of Jimmy Crystals
Camera Man on Blackberry: Dj Blue Steel

Boy Meets Beta Testing Girl...

March 8, 2011
Definition of Beta = A test for a computer product prior to commercial release. Beta testing is the last stage of testing, and normally can involve sending the product to beta test sites outside the company for real-world exposure or offering the product for a free trial download over the Internet.

So yes my microsite is in beta testing mode. In life, you must practice before you make perfect. I think you all know this by now from my past blog posts. To reach success you must fail. I like to call it Beta Testing vs. Failure.

If we were all Mark Zuckerberg we would all have built Facebook. Welcome to my world of building the best social network Boy Meets Girl® site. And yes, sometimes it is is not easy. But what I can promise is my team and I are working very hard to bring you one an amazing digital experience!

Unfortunately you will have to wait a little longer for the official launch of Boy Meets Girl® in 10. Thank you all for testing the site and in turn gifts will be rewarded :-) . Beta testing will end in the next few weeks, just in time for the launch of our new e-commerce website (which we will be updating you about very shortly)! Until then... I cannot thank you enough.

xo Stacy

p.s. Thank you DJ Sly for making this for me...inspiration from DJ London's gift to me :)

Thank you Old Journals and Best Friends

March 7, 2011

I am in the midst of Spring cleaning. Today I got to my jewelry and attempted my closet but failed miserably.
So I moved on to my journals. I will take a big picture of them all soon. But, I came across an Old Journal that my BFF Deb R. Ross (first time officially calling you Deb Ruffalo Ross lol!) gave me about 12 years ago.
The front page said this
May You Never Stop Dreaming---
May Your Drive Always 
Keep Your Motion Going 
Directly Where You Want
To Go In Life---
Never Stop Inspriing
Yourself And Others
To Reach Their Desires
Let Your Creativity
Continue To Flow And
Energize, And May 
You Reach Every Peak
You Wanted To Climb
I love you 

Thank you D for being an amazing BFF. I needed this tonight...12 years later.

Shout out! So funny check it out...

March 5, 2011
Love seeing my good friend Josh rock out in this. To always having a great laugh. Spread the word :)
You will get to see Josh in my Boy Meets Girl(R) campaign photos soon :)

Announcement: Boy Meets Girl® in 10 Campaign

March 4, 2011

Good Morning ;) Today I am kicking off a new campaign!

The first contest in our monthly series is “Boy Meets Girl® in 10 Outfits. I am so excited to share my very first campaign with you all.

Visit to share with us your FAVORITE outfit. You can either upload: up to 10 pictures, 10 seconds of video OR a 10 item descriptive list sharing with us your all-time favorite outfit (of course would love to see pictures of you rocking my collection Boy Meets Girl®!). Don’t forget to include your shoes and accessories!

You can vote on every entry you like; however, you can only vote once PER entry EACH day. Enter as many times as you want! The contest ends on March 31st 2011, and the 4 entries, which have the most popular votes will win some sweet prizes!

The Grand-Prize Winner will receive round-trip airfare for her/him and a friend to New York City, a 2-night stay in a Manhattan hotel, manicures, pedicures and facials at one of my favorite spas, then dinner with me!

Don't worry, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes are amazinggg also ;)

All the details on how to enter and the prizes are on!

Good Luck and I look forward to seeing all your entries.



Boy Meets its ALMOST Springtime Girl

March 2, 2011
Heard it was 50 Degrees in NYC today. Got a little excited.
On me:
Vintage floral dress layered with a vintage slip
Zipper detailed belt from Taroo
Vintage Theory suede boots.
Thanks DJ Blue Steel for shooting this look on my blackberry this early AM ;)
Happy ALMOST Springtime!!!

Boy Meets Working Girl....

March 1, 2011
haven't stopped in awhile. Still going and so excited to bring you an incredible March with my brand Boy Meets Girl(R) and updates on my world behind the seams (make sure to check out my new website which I will be updating twice a month. I definitely want to know how you like my new site.
So please do leave me comments) :).

I will leave you with a special photo I shot in London this past Sept. I love this photo. 
2 boys on a bike chatting to 2 girls on the street. 
It just cracks me up.
...more updates to come xo Stacy