PicNik, Polyvore...I am addicted. What's next?

March 14, 2011
My New Year's Eve Whistle :) Love playing with PicNik...you know I have loved Polyvore before anyone knew about it. Now what to do..just discovered PicNik and it is like an easy Photoshop. It is AMAZING. So great for young designers to have fun with. Love playing with my Boy Meets Girl(R) logo and being creative with ideas to go inside the logo. will keep you posted on an idea I am thinking about for you all to play with.  So many ideas..so excited.. xx Stacy

 Below are sets I  found of amazing girls using my Boy Meets Girl(R) totebags in their sets. Amazing! love!
I love seeing the different perspectives of where you all would use my totebags :) Keep them coming!!!

Back to School

Back to School by Mαятч Joиαs.} ♥ featuring a knit tote bag

Below is my springtime piece:) Shirt is sold out but more amazing shirts to come very soon on www.boymeetsgirlusa.com :) 


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