Sadie May(one of my models on my recent shoot) just made my Day...

March 17, 2011

I hope everyone is having a great day. I received this package today from Sadie May one of the amazing models on my recent 2 day photo shoot for the launch of my e-commerce website for my brand Boy Meets Girl(R). Sadie was supposed to shoot 2 days with me but on the 2nd day we never saw Sadie. We were very concerned and reached out to Sadie this week to make sure she was ok. Luckily she was but last Friday she left her purse in a cab and lost her phone/wallet etc etc etc. Below is the letter from Sadie to me and my team here at Boy Meets Girl(R). This is why I love what I do even if I work a million hours a day. I know I am doing something right when I get an amazing letter like below. Enjoy. And thank you so much Sadie May for being an incredible person and amazing model to work with. Look out for Sadie soon on


here are tidbits from her letter
"I want to thank you Stacy, Michelle( my assistant) , everyone at BMG, thank y'all so much for such an awesome opportunity and experience. I had so much fun at this shoot, working with this team, and it truely was that, a TEAM. Everyone was just so cool and so great and talented and so warm and welcoming. It was a family-like atmosphere and the whole day just kicked ass! It was a REFRESHING feeling in the midst of my city transition. Last, I had planned to give y'all these(bracelets) the last day of shooting but since I was unable to, it is still important to me that you get them. When I first emailed Michelle about the casting I briefly explained my story and my "brazelets". They are the reason I made it to NYC and I will continue to make and pass them along to remind everyone to always "blaze your OWN path". I admire Stacy, and this line so much because of the MESSAGE it sends and everything it is, in and outside of fashion. Since, I lost Michelle's number, I felt like good o'l fashion mail would be more personal than an email. I hope it was. Sadie May"

And yes miss Sadie May your o'l fashion mail meant the world to us all.
As you stated "blaze your OWN path"
Thank you!

p.s. thank you also for the amazing music mix. We have been listening to it all day here in the office.


  1. amazing! I am glad all is well... and yes Sadie's music mix is one of the best I have heard in a long well!

  2. Thank you Betsy for rocking both days of incredible hair. Seriously you rock!