Thank you Old Journals and Best Friends

March 7, 2011

I am in the midst of Spring cleaning. Today I got to my jewelry and attempted my closet but failed miserably.
So I moved on to my journals. I will take a big picture of them all soon. But, I came across an Old Journal that my BFF Deb R. Ross (first time officially calling you Deb Ruffalo Ross lol!) gave me about 12 years ago.
The front page said this
May You Never Stop Dreaming---
May Your Drive Always 
Keep Your Motion Going 
Directly Where You Want
To Go In Life---
Never Stop Inspriing
Yourself And Others
To Reach Their Desires
Let Your Creativity
Continue To Flow And
Energize, And May 
You Reach Every Peak
You Wanted To Climb
I love you 

Thank you D for being an amazing BFF. I needed this tonight...12 years later.


  1. Cute post, really love the image chosen to match the post! Hope you visit back :)

  2. Thank you Divinitus. love your blog just checked it out.
    Also Thank you Izzy. Just visited your blog too. Amazing!
    Hope you both send images in to my contest here check it out. xo