Keep Calm and Carry on your Vision!

April 1, 2011
When the world says "give up", hope whispers "try it one more time"-Anon
 If you have a vision you must believe in the vision. After seeing Bill Cunningham's documentary this week I   needed a moment to take it all in and write for you what I found so amazing about Bill. Bill Cunningham left his job at WWD when he was younger because what he visioned for the layout of his spread on street style was changed in content. He was so upset that his vision was altered from what he wanted voiced from his pictures. The day he left he began what is now his successful journey on shooting street style in his vision. He kept to his vision and never went back on his point of view. In the course of my journey in building my brand from scratch there have been many ups and downs. A lot of people wanting xyz from me or wanting me to change my vision. But, what I will never do is change my vision or where I see the brand I built from scratch grow to be. The VISION IS CLEAR and I AM EXCITED FOR YOU ALL TO SEE IT SOON ON WWW.BOYMEETSGIRLUSA.COM NEW E-COMMERCE SITE!
By the way the attached picture was from an event I did at SAKS in NYC in 2005..they made the Boy Meets Girl(R) logo look like a basketball court logo'd floor. It was dreamy then and is dreamy still today for me!
So thank you Bill Cunningham for reminding of me of why I am doing what I do and to always BELIEVE in your VISION.


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