A picture is worth a thousand words...

April 20, 2011
To only be 18 years old and create these amazing pieces of art are beyond amazing. I was a photographer in High School and at College at the University of Wisconsin I was a photographer for the Badger Herald (this was before digital shooting so I will have to shoot my work and put it here in time for you to see). When I was introduced to Nirrimi's photography by DJ London(my amazing assistant) I was immediately reminded of childhood memories and my high school/college years, and anything nostalgic. Thank you Nirrimi for reminding me of why it feels good to be a kid at heart.

"I'm a gypsy living out of a suitcase but at least I never stop moving, never stop creating." -Nirrimi

Nirrimi, I love your work and you truly have a gift. Keep creating and definitely never stop. xo, Stacy

Nirrim, For Love

Nirrimi, For Love

Nirrimi, For Living


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