Boy Meets Chicago Girl!

July 2, 2011
Almost every 4th of July weekend I go to Chicago to visit my hometown and all of the wonderful places I love to check out! Check out my list of recommendations if you get the chance to travel to this amazing city!

1. Sofia  carries my line Boy Meets Girl(R) and seriously raddest store in Chicago. So excited to buy some vintage while in town from Ashley's(owner/friend) amazing eye/finds. I have been dying for the Chanel fanny pack ever since we met and if it is there I am finally going to indulge ;)
2. Taste of Chicago..I am a sucker for jalapeno poppers!
3. East Bank Club for the best work out space in the world and to work off those jalapeno poppers.
4. The Chicago Yacht Club for great sailing, good cocktails and used to be the best fireworks ever.
5. BBQ with family and old friends in my backyard :)

Picture found here

Happy 4th of July!!! Safe Travels to all.


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