Boy Meets DIY Girl!

July 20, 2011
One of our awesome interns Sam, who is now home for the summer but returning to work with us in the fall did an awesome DIY Boy Meets Girl(R) beaded top! Check out her simple and easy steps below:

Supplies: 1 pen, 1 shirt, 1 pair of scissors, 1 ruler, plenty of pony beads (sold at your local craft store)

1. Cut the hem

2. Make marks via pen at the bottom of the shirt 1 cm apart from each other - do this across the shirt on the front side (use a ruler to measure the marks)

3. Choose how high vertically you would like the fringes to go then make a couple of marker points horizontally at that point. (our example is 8 inches high on a size large shirt)

4. Cut the 1cm points vertically to the point where you would like your fringe pieces to stop (the second point your made on the shirt) do this on both sides of the shirt! To make it easy you CAN cut on both layers.

5. String beads at random, in a pattern, or in a design depending on what your heart desires. Choose to make all your strands have the same amount of beads (like ours - we did 6!) or have random amounts on each fringe.

6. Make sure to double knot each string of beads.

7. Voila! You have a banging tee shirt!

Thanks Dj Platform!

Excited to have you back in September :)



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