DIY- from old to new

July 14, 2011
I've always loved DIY projects and it's fun to see what turns out especially if you didn't have a plan to begin with! DJ London wanted to share a DIY project she did after one of her bracelets broke..but she decided to turn the old into new again :) Check it out below.

The bracelet below is one of my favorites- it has pearls of different shapes and colors with a beautiful clasp. But the chain on one side of the bracelet broke :(


While rummaging through my jewelry I noticed I had a necklace chain with the perfect clasp to secure the bracelet! 
Final result?

This is a very simple DIY project- with the right pieces, you can turn any piece of jewelry into brand new. Enjoy! DJ London (aka Michelle)

Love this new version of DJ London's bracelet. Hmm I might need to make an order on this one. Thanks for sharing this quick DIY tip. Love Love :)



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