Duane Reade Grand Opening Party Coverge one word AMAZING

July 6, 2011
I was invited to attend the grand opening party for Duane Reade on 40 Wall Street last night. I had no idea  what I would find when I got there. One word AMAZING! I felt like I had walked into a new department store. I actually asked the people who checked me in if I was at the right party! Props to Duane Reade for thinking soooo out of the box- a Salon in Duane Reade? Who ever thought this would happen? Below I captured some shots on my blackberry & droid of the people I met and the things I saw and my nail experience with the amazing nail technician Barbara. I did not make it over to the smoothie bar or the sushi section but promise to have some special video coverage coming soon for more details :)

Check out the ceilings and arches and my friend Ted Rubin in this picture below :)
 These Columns are extraordinary

My new friends Blogger Rachel Ferrucci & Owner/Director of Digital Media of Smarties Candy Liz Dee
We were excited to find Liz's candies selling at Duane Reade. I was sooo excited to meet one of the family owners of this amazing candy I have been eating since I was a little girl. Looking forward to collaborating with both Rachel and Liz soon!

 What there is a SALON in DUANE READE? Seriously one stop shopping and services. What is next?

 I love cracked Mirrors which resided in the nail area. So beautiful it makes me want to get my nails done in Duane Reade all the time :)
 Below is the amazing Barbara she is a celebrity nail technician whose first day on the job was yesterday. She did my nails that were not manicured in weeks and made them look gorgeous. I fell in love with Barbara and have so much more to tell you about her. So will leave that to my video post coming soon.
 Before the manicure
 During the manicure with Barbara
 Thank you Duane Reade for inviting me to this incredible opening. It was a pleasure meeting you Calvin Peters (DR) and Michael Polzin (Walgreens). Congrats! Also shout out to Liz Dee (Smarties), Rachel Ferruci (Blogger), Leslie Venokur (Big City Moms), Issa M. Mas (Single Mama NYC) and Ted Rubin (Chief Social Marketing Officer, Collective Bias).