Friday's Friend Finds- meet Azizah Rowen 7/1

July 1, 2011
 A good friend of mine, Azizah Rowen is a multi-talented, rockstar who has some new songs out that you must listen to from her first Album! Check out her website here, and of course I had to feature this rising musician entrepreneur on my blog :) Learn more about Azizah below.

1. After living in both states, which do you prefer- New York or California?
So hard to say! I truly love both places so much. I'm a California girl, but definitely feel more artistically and creatively inspired in NYC. It's the most amazing city and I'm so thrilled to live here every day.

2. Who or what inspires you?
Well back to the first question, definitely Manhattan! I live in the West Village and just to walk outside there is music in the streets, art, incredible food, beautiful architecture and the most fabulous people. It's impossible as an artist not to feel inspired every day while living here which is why I love it so much!

3. If you could meet anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?
I've always said if I could 'meet' someone again, it would be my best friend from growing up, Lara. She passed away when we were twenty one and I've never quite recovered from her loss. I wrote a song about her on my album called "Lara's Song."

4. What’s your perfect summer playlist?
Well it changes every summer because I'm a sucker for the latest pop right now Britney, Gaga, and Beyonce are dominating my ipod of course. But I always throw in some reggae and classic rock too, have to own my norcal roots. And to shamelessly plug my own song, I think my song "Summer Heat" is a must on every one's playlist this summer! :)

5. What’s your current guilty pleasure(s)?
The Glee Project! I'm obsessed with it! I love Glee and all singing competitions and it's the perfect hybrid of both.

6. What’s the one item you absolutely cannot live without?
Chanel lip gloss...I have one in every color.

7. Describe your dream vacation.
Any tropical paradise with my husband! Hawaii is our happy place and where we got married and we try to go at least once a year. Next on the list is Tahiti!

8. Favorite Boy Meets Girl(R) Summer2011 piece?

The Cutting Edge Tee! It's so cute I can't take it, and soooo rockstar chic!

Thank you Azizah!

Also Friday shoutout to another great friend and photographer Shelby Ross. Shelby shot the cover of Azizah's album see pictures here.
photographer Shelby Ross

 Shelby also shot some of the artists I collaborated with for my 2010 campaign called Boy Meets Musican Girl which you can see here.
I love Shelby's work and was so happy to see how he captured Azizah below. PERFECTION. Make sure to visit Shelby's site here for more information and photos.


p.s. Also Azizah along with my BFF Ami Ankin run a production company called AnkinRown that you can check out here. They are hosting an event on Monday, July 11 · 7:30pm - 9:30pm at Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre 224 Waverly Place @ West 4th New York, NY. Called "A TASTING" Six short plays. 
You should all come out. Free admission too! Check out the details here
Six original short plays by celebrated playwrights: Douglas Carter Beane, Neil LaBute, Theresa Rebeck, Jonathan Marc Sherman, and Beau Willimon. Originally developed by Eating Their Words
Directed by Marlo Hunter
WITH: Ami Ankin, Katie Kreisler Black, Patch Darragh, Maria Dizzia, Steven Eng, Ann Harada, Austin Lysy, Florencia Lozano, David Margulies, Azizah Rowen, Henry Stram



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