To have and to hold

July 26, 2011
I have been going to a lot of weddings recently and wanted to do a quick post on what I've been packing for the weekend trips and some tips on how to dress for a wedding :)

Dress- Vintage Missioni, Sunglasses-Polaroid, Bracelets-Kara Ross & Vintage, Necklace-Vintage(thank you Norma), Shoes-Birthday Present from Mom#2 thank you! Delman
1. It is important to wear something that is not only comfortable, but breathable as well- you will be dancing a lot and need a fabric that will move with you.
2. Don' be afraid to mix patterns to spice up the outfit! As long as they are in the same color family, you're good to go.
3. Having no luck finding a dress? Mix a vintage dress (one that hasn't left your closet in years!) with a new accessory and shoe



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